Saturday, July 30, 2016

District Leader!

also i totally Forgot!!!!! im a District Leader!! probs shoould have mentioned that in my big email but you can add that in its awesome and all the kids in my district are super chill and we are growing closer together. if you could please send my big email to all the people that i wanted to receive it thank you!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Letter #2 from the MTC

hello family and friends how is the outside world? things here aren't too bad sometimes long but when you look back it actually went by really fast. also P day is tuesday

my companion is is a straight up BOSS for New Jersey. he is very kind and very patient with me. I'm like a foot and a half taller then him though. he has type 1 diabetes so we have all access to the cafeteria to get cereal when his blood sugar is running too low. i use that perk to the fullest. and he had a swollen lymph node so on our second day we got to leave campus and got to an ENT it was weird that there is an outside world and it was weird to see people not in church clothes but it was awesome to leave this prison and escape for an hour. Blessed.

hasn't really been a challenge for me adjusting to life here I can tell I am tired but there is something in me helping me stay awake and focused and i know that it the lord helping me out

language is starting to get better I am completely lost in language class but im slowly starting to be able to understand the conversation. we are also teaching someone named Antonio, he says he doesnt speak any language at all so that been hard but when i bare my simple Spanish testimony the whole room fills with the spirit and it is tight. the first couple of days i really beat myself up about learning the language and kinda got discouraged but someone said to be God will tear you down so he can build you up stronger. that was just what i needed to hear.

So GG i cannot tell you what it stands for because i have sworn never to share with anyone. The leader of GG is Elder Richards from Logan he a cute little fella that raps to me and i rap back. he loves saying its lit and for sure. What. A. Boss. Anyways GG's headquarters are in the custodial closet on our floor and we have a secret symbol that we flash each other. (wont be doing that in LA though) GG sits together at lunch and we make tons of noise actually our whole district is really loud especially GG 

i love getting dear elder. keep sending them. and if you haven't sent me one feel free to i love reading them before i go to bed every night. 

i hope everything is well and i miss you all like crazy but i have a new family now (my Zone) and they are so loving and helpful and a bunch of bosses. blessed.

i hope to be hearing from you soon. cant wait to get out into the field and leave this "campus" (prison) whatever you would like to call it 

ill try and send pics that i have taken of my companion and the rats nest (our tiny gross bedroom) the might be in a separate email

I love you all and so does Heavenly Farther. Peace and blessing

Elder Clark