Monday, August 28, 2017

Week #49

First off I just want to say thank you to Conor Mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather Saturday night. Parking was horrible absolutely horrible on our street. Nothing really happened this week. We had lots of fun saw some miracles but for the Most part it was slow work wise again. 

Tuesday we had to go clean another set of elders apartment. The senior missionaries complained to us saying it looked like a "pit" so we went over there with two other sets of missionaries. We had a lot of fun cleaning the 6 of us. Pretty much made a big mess then had to clean all of it up so it's about back to the same place when we walked in. It's really all started when we hear the elote man honking his horn coming for the street. First off down here there are people riding around bikes with huge built on baskets or they are pushing shopping carts with just like snacks and what not BUT the elote guy is the king of them all. Elote is the thing that the scrawny guy in nacho libre spends all of his money on. Corn on the cob with like mayo cheese and hot sauce it is the best! But once as we heard the horn of the elote man productivity crashed. 

Funny story while we were cleaning. There was just a bunch of random crap in the apartment but there were so,e gems that we said we are gonna take back to our apartment. One of those being like a hand held mirror, said I am going to take that back and use it. So eazy Elder E asks me with the mirror in his hand "hey Elder Clark you said you wanted this?" I said yeah, right as I said that he smashed it on the door frame, then we had to crack out the vacuum and clean up shattered glass on the floor. What a freaking bro. 

We made some big progress with one of the less active ladies here that has two daughters that are baptism age!! We went over there just to talk and this week she just complained how everything is falling apart and what not. At the end of her going off I just remembered what Elder Ballard had said that last Sunday about learning knowing and understanding the plan of salvation. Usually we never talk about the gospel. But I just mentioned that to her. As we were leaving she said "hey when you all come next week let's talk about the plan of salvation it's been a while. Oh and LMK when you will come cause I want to make you dinner as well!" Grateful for the plan of salvation in that fact. That it can bring peace and and purpose into this life, when we understand it all other things in this world don't matter because all the things of this world will come to an end but Heavenly fathers plan and goal for us keeps moving on. There is a great sense of assurance  we can all feel when we know that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father. That right there gets to me that is the best knowledge anyone can have in this life. I know the plan of salvation is a plan of happiness for us. If you don't know the plan of salvation or don't remember everything about it brush up on it! There are plenty of great scriptures for it! 

Love you all have a great week!

1-2 absolute chaos right after these pics 
  1. Us chillin on the car staring at my freakin sick shades 
  2. #weidman20
  3. LA butchery
  4. Quick shoutout to my dad for mobbin in hotels keep butchin dude 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Week #48

It was a great week! A little slow in the work aspect because almost everyone of our lessons canceled this week but we also had an apostle come talk to us. So it evens out. 

Tuesday we just worked. But we actually had to go to the church to make a schedule for this book fair we were serving at on Saturday so that ate up most of the time for the day. 

Wednesday I went on exchanges with my boy elder Thomson!! Love that homie to death! Tuesday night we exchanged and I was at his place. He was talking to me and I straight knocked out at 9:30 because I am completely exhausted because we never go to bed on time especially when elders don't text that they are in and then we have to leave our apartment at 10:20 at night to go look for them. So I just passed out cold that night at 9:30 and the next day I felt fabulous! We went out and worked hard then exchanged back early because we had ward coordination meetings. 

Thursday was district meetings freaking love my district they are all the best. Then we went out and worked some more! 

Friday we had to wake up early and be at the temple at 7 in the morn for temple service. So we were out in the sun grinding pulling weeds at el templo until a lit noon then came back and tried to knock off some of our referrals. Friday we also go to go to el coyote! It is a famous Mexican restaurant in LA and the owners just happen to be in our ward. So my boy eazy Elder E and I got buffalo enchiladas and tacos. Oh and the owners gave us a referral from one of their staff. It was nice because we got treated like royalty in there. Friday night at 6 at a nice sit down restaurant and we were in and out of there in 25 mins. 

Saturday was the book fair at a mall. We were there from 7-5:30 in the sun just helping out where help was needed! It was fun and every member from the zone came plus we got some sick hats and a free Quran with my name written in Arabic. We also got to meet my boy Star. He is this crazy I am guessing homeless dude that was wondering around the book fair handing out vegan pamphlets with scriptures in it and saying if Jesus were here today he wouldn't eat meat! He was also wearing a Bernie sanders hat with sweet Bernie sanders buttons all over it I asked if I could have one of them but he would always change the subject! Freakin Star. I got baked by the sun that day it was bad I had a throbbing head and I wanted to go home and cry about it. But after the book fair we finally had our flood the Visitors center night! We were able to go with one of our recent converts! We watched the testaments and it was a great time!

Sunday we had a special stake conference and Elder Ballard was the main speaker! Oh man I just strengthened my testimony even more about how God works though his prophets and apostles. Elder Ballards testimony was so simple yet it hit you so hard. What he was teaching us on we so simple and it had so much meaning behind it. Elder Ballard threw some shade at us tho... he was saying how we spend too much time on social media and how when we want answers answered we go to google and the internet. Then he said I always ask them when was the last time you picked up the Book of Mormon? Roasted. But that's really all he Asked us to do! Is read and pray often and learn and know about the plan of salvation. I kw what he is saying is true because he is an apostle of the lord! That's my challenge for you all this week! Read and pray more often and know and learn as much as you can about the plan of salvation!

Love you all! Have an awesome week!

1-3 with our main squeeze Star 
  1. With the head honcho of the book fair 
  2. Most of the zone homies 
  3. Freakin Star. 

Last Monday we were sitting at the Hollywood building when a man comes up and asks if he can use the parking lot to park some equipment for a music video he is shooting around the corner. So I asked him who the artist is and he looks at all of us and goes "I trust all of you, we are filming for Jason Derulo" thought was worth sharing. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Week #47

This week was super good!! A lot happened and we set a baptismal date and have two solid investigators!

It happened on Tuesday! First we had interviews pretty much all day. All we do as Zone leaders is keep all the interviews on schedule. So we just sat there. But at 4:30 we went up to the visitors center and had a super great lesson with our new investigator Wendy! She is solid! Plus she has a bunch of family that is LDS so that's always a plus to have that support! Right after that we had to haul back to our area to have a lesson with our other new investigator named thania! She is 19 and is super chill! We set a baptismal date with her! Tuesday was just a great day #blessed

Wednesday we went and helped out at the same school pretty much all day long. They just kept asking all of us to do one more thing. But we finally got out of there. It was super fun tho! Always glad to give a helping hand! 

Thursday we were on exchanges I went with my second to last companion elder lawton! He is doing so much better! 

This weekend has been a big party since Johnny the kid that lives in the front house is leaving on his mission on Wednesday:( it's sad I don't really want him to go. But he finna kill it in Guatemala! So he had a lot of goodbye parties and we helped set up and clean up for those! 

Something that I loved this week and I actually spoke on it a couple of weeks ago was about the importance of the sacrament. Yesterday I was able to just sit and take it. I really got to meditate and think about how my week was and I truly did feel different after taking the sacrament. I was truly able to feel the cleansing power that comes from Jesus Christ. Still amazed at Him and all that he does for me. I know without a doubt he loves me, knows me and cares for me.  

Quote of the week from Elder Eldredge. We were coming home Saturday night out of our sketchy area and we rolled down the windows and blasted praise to the man by vocal point (not my first choice but it happened to be on) then elder eldredge goes "why do people look at us like idiots? Meh doesn't matter cause they are going to hell and we aren't."

Have a great week! Look for simple opportunities to share the gospel or serve someone! Love you all!

Pics por fin!
  1. The LA Butchery 
  2. Buncha white kids walking down western Ave.  lol
  3. Service project.
  4. Views of DTLA from the south part of our area. 


Monday, August 7, 2017

Week #46

Another great week down here in the CLAM! Not much happened. Like no really funny or crazy stories....but we had some really cool miracles! Plus I had fried chicken for lunch 3 days in a row. 

Tuesday we were at MIssion Leadership Council from 10-4:30. That was very long but I learned a whole bunch and it got me excited for August! We were finally able to see wenetta west that day!!she is doing good and it was great to catch up with her. 

Wednesday we got a text about a service project at some school they are remodeling so we helped paint and clean desks. It was cool because more than half of the zone was there helping out. Then after that we had probably the most amazing and spiritual lesson with the Westwood sisters investigator who is still having problems with the law of chastity. (<- after I thought we pounded that into his brain the first time) it was amazing! The best part was the spirit totally took me over and I just started talking and testifying. I don't remember what I said honestly I don't, but what I said changed him and he agreed to live it! So that was a pretty cool experience. 

Thursday we had district meetings they were great! The. After that we went directly back to the school to do this service project. After the elders from the district we are in went to get lunch and while at lunch this old guy pushing a shopping cart passed out and fire trucks and ambulances where everywhere then they took this old guy away to the hospital 

Saturday was exchanges with the APs I went with elder Pearson. He is one of the best missionaries here hands down. We had a great time together and laughed a lot but that was when we saw the most miracles. 

After that we exchanged back we'll actually this week I have been meeting with a struggling missionary who has been out on e mission 2 weeks. So we meet with him almost once a night. He is the cutest lil missionary. With the sweetest spirit. It was funny because his companion told me when he was struggling he asked him what he wanted to do and he said "meet with elder clark" I don't know why lol I am not very wise and I don't have much to offer but yeah hey I'll try to help him out! It has been some of the best hours of my mission sitting and talking with this elder. The spirit that is felt in our conversations is unreal. Whatever I am doing seems to be working too! He is getting better and better every time I am meeting with him! I know it's not because of me tho. It's because of the spirit that is helping him through this. I'm just here for support! The spirit is truly a marvelous thing. 

Again sorry no pics this week. I will try harder. Have a great week homies!


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Week #45

This has been a really really rewarding week! First off my new companion is off the chain lit. His name is Elder Eldredge. He is from Harriman Utah (<-my first Comp from Utah) and it's great! We get along so well and we know a lot of the same people! Funny thing is that i am training him on how to be a zone leader.. have you all ever seen that vine with the blind football player and he goes "anything is possible" then it shows him running around in circles like 15 yards behind the play. (Thanks Elder Retamales) That's how we both  feel. We have no freaking clue what's going on and we feel like we are barely staying afloat. Yet somehow the zone has been saying how we are their favorite zone leaders they have ever had on their missions. Must be doing something right somewhere I guess. 

Tuesday we had meetings and had to help new missionaries move into their apartments and take all of their crap to them so we just did a bunch of driving that day. It was good tho! Got to meet some of the brand new elders in the zone! We are so pumped to have them! We also went up to LA 4th ward and ate with the familia Flores! They are the best! That ward is my favorite!

Wednesday we had Zone Leadership Council. Just talked about what we want the zone to do and how we can be successful for this transfer. Then we went back to LA 4th and I got to interview one of their investigators in Spanish! Yes mom if you're wondering I am keeping up with the nish todavĂ­a

Thursday we had a get to know you activity before district meeting. We played a couple of get to know you games then we hade district meetings. They were super good! We also met with our investigator Tasha who was already a progressing investigator but was sent to us as a referral. She is so incredible funny! We committed her to pray daily. And when we extended it to her she said " pshhhh that's hella easy yes I'll do it"! It's like perfect! Sounds good! We are excited to keep working with her! 

Friday we finally found time to go shopping and go serve at the food bank! That was fun then we went to the VC to have a lesson with the Westwood 1 sisters. They want us to teach their investigator the law of chastity because he is our age and he doesn't feel comfortable talking about that kinda stuff with girls his age (<-retweet)
He didn't end up coming BUT he committed the next night! 

Saturday we played this game that we named the pride game to see who is more prideful. It was about 85 that day and we rolled up the windows and turned on the heat full blast. We did it to see who was more prideful and to see who would  wuss first. We played it pretty much all day and probs lost a couple of pounds in sweat. I lost tho:( I couldn't take it. We also  taught the Westwood sister investigator the law of chastity! The spirit was so strong in the room! I don't even remember what I said which made me realize I was speaking the words that God wanted me to say. It was a super great spiritual experience for all of us. 

Sunday went to church elder eldredge had to speak because he is new. Then we went to the VC again to watch a movie with Johnny and his investigator friend! It was amazing! He is going to be such a good missionary!!

That's it! Hope you all have a good week! Sorry no pics this week!