Monday, July 24, 2017

Week #44

Another week gone and another transfer gone. This blows, it's going by too fast! Had a super good week this week full of miracles and making johnny mad. 

We first met with a man named Harold who loves God he told us about 30 times while we met with him. He is referral and we set a baptismal date with him!! He was awesome and he is so ready to do this! He was excited. Just need to get that ol boy to church! 

Wednesday was good we went o lunch with a member from Downey where elder Reynolds served. This member gave me some sample cologne and I left it in his car.. completely forgotten about it, this member is not very happy with me rn... but I apologized and he didn't say anything back so whatevs. 

Thursday elder Reynolds and I went to district meeting and we conducted and gave a training. It was good it was like I was a district leader again. I also got a sweet sweet package from my family. They are the best. 

Thursday night is where it gets good. So the member boy who lives in front of us who is getting ready to go on a mission comes over and hangs with us every night. He is pretty immature, he took something of mine that I just got in the package from my parents and put it down my pants to be funny. I didn't find that too funny. So I grabbed him by the back of the neck made him wash what was down his pants then Took him to the toilet and put his head in the toilet. Just like I did to Elder Holyoak when I would get fed up with his crap, so I am pretty good at putting people's heads toilets. No jk I didn't really I took him to the toilet and he was screaming I'll do it the easy way!!! So he out his own head in the toilet. As he was washing his hair out in the bath tub my companion takes a wooden spoon and hits him in the butt with it. He freaked out and started to attack me, he was even trying to bite me. My companion said it looked like a legit fight. All I was trying to do was to get him to stop it! I did and then I asked johnny why are you so mad? Then he got his things left and didn't talk to us until Sunday.... we made up tho, but my companion and I made that rule that there will be no more idiotic stuff anymore.  

Saturday the LA stake celebrated Pioneer Day and all the missionaries got to go. This is there like one big stake activity so they go all out! There was a load of good food a machinable bull bouncy houses and a ton of people. It was good to see some 4th members. They all said they miss me and how tall I was. Great people. 

Sunday comes and we have to pass the sacrament, speak in sacrament meeting, teach gospel principals and I had to conduct the music In priesthood. I loved it! It's fun being so involved! It was sad because it's elder Reynolds last Sunday so the whole ward was just super sad he is leaving. That night we got to see where everyone is going for the next transfer and call the zone and tell them where they are goin. My new companion is elder Eldredge!! He went to Harriman high and we know the same people! I am super excited to serve with him! Bad/good news is I am training him on how to be a ZL... I barely think I know what to do. So we are both in for a ride. Hey I know if we put our trust in the lord and give it our very best. MIRACLES. Excited to learn and grow! 

1-6. Last p day we went and played frisbee and soccer at a park right across from the ocean!
  1. Get in there big girl 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week #43

Man the weeks are flying by now... it was a super good week! Had a lot going on but we were also privileged to have a big miracle!

We try to teach at out Visitors center a ton so we spent a lot of time up there but we were only able to have 2 lessons up there. It wasn't a good week for that but there is next week! We had a big miracle that day tho. We get a call from a random number saying his name is Alex and he is a less active and he wants to come back to church and he will give us a call later that day. So we start working we try this referral names Alex, we knock on the door no one answers so we start to head back towards the car and as we do we hear "hey elders" it  was a young boy named Alex! And by young I mean 18. He came over and said yeah I called some elders today I want to come back to church we said oh wow.. this is weird we were actually looking for you! Crazy how gods timing is right 

Then the next day we went to the VC wit him and had an amazing lesson super powerful we are gonna start working with him 

Thursday we had Zone conference and elder Reynolds and I had to give a training. We had 0 time to prepare it. Then we find out we have to give it to half of the mission... we winged it pretty hard and everyone seemed to like it! even my boy P. Haynie. Learned a lot from the trainings one thing I really liked was a training about laying out weapons of rebellion down. Get rid of laziness, bad speaking, pride everything that could help you be "rebellious" before god. It was a great training and I definitely need to work on that. 

Saturday night some members from a different ward that elder Reynolds served in took us to Cheesecake Factory it was so good. Loved it. That was probs the highlight from this week.  Oh and the APs got to meet Blake griffin at one of the buildings down here. Freakin buckets. 

Also Thursday was 1 year since I left my home family and friends to start this adventure. I am so grateful God led me to make this decision to serve a mission for him. This is the best thing I have ever done in my life. Sure it is hard and I want to kill myself every morning when I hear that alarm go off at 6:30 but it's totally worth it. I have come to understand the great importance of this message and how it brings everlasting happiness. I am so humbled for everything that God has blessed me with and I am so grateful I can show him that I love him by doing this to help at least one of his children partake of the best message on the face of the earth. 

Love you all have a great week! 

1. Went to paramount studios last week and walked around where they make movies and all that.
  1. Mom dad we are going to the griddle. 
  2. Desayuno with the kawmistsus 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Week #42

This week was good! Full of exchanges and food! We ate so much this week and didn't have anytime in the morning to work out so your boy has a nice big barriga. That's aight set a goal to go ham this week in workouts. 
Happy 4th to everyone! So grateful and proud to be a USA boy. How grateful I am for our freedom. The 4th for me was just filled with food really just ate at different BBQs then we had to be in at 6 so we just hung out for the night. It sounded like a war zone outside tho.. the next morning the streets were trashed with firework boxes. 
So that day I went on an exchange with elder crafts. His Spanish is perfect and he came out with me. He is such a bro. We didn't have a car so we used the bus and our pies. We walked 11 miles that day... I had blisters and my legs were shaking at the end of the night. As we were waiting for the bus some guy comes out of a convenient store and said you good Christian brothers, can y'all buy me some food? We said yeah sure so he ran back into the store grabbed a 2 liter of soda a big bag of chips, like 5 snickers bars and some like brownies. We go hey easy does it buddy we will buy you 2 things. So he picked 2 things then as the cashier was scanning everything he tried to sneak a snickers bar into mix. I looked at him and then slid it back I tot the shelf. After he just grabbed the bag and ran out of the store. What a guy. 
The next day I went on exchanges with elder halverson. He is a good elder. We were suppose to have the car but his companion took the car keys so we were back to bus and our pies. We took the bus a lot more because I was not about to do that for a second day. Only like 6.5 miles that day so it's aight. 
The next day. I went with my boy elder retamales. He is such a G.  I hope I can be companions with him. We get along really well and we have already planned chilling after the mish. He is so cool. We had a car that day so thank the heavens. Funny story so I got a letter from sweet sweet sister Hannah Kartchner, and I wrote her back   I usually just see mailmen out on their routes so I give them the letters I write to her but for some reason this week I couldn't find one! Until I was with elder retamales. We were driving down pico blvd. When a mail truck starts driving next to us. I hold the letter up and try to get her attention. I finally do and she rolls her eyes and rolls down her window. So I scoot in a little closer and gave it to her!! Did all of this going 40 down pico. 
Saturday was something so incredibly cool. Johnny who lives in front of us who had been less active went and received his endowment in Saturday and we got to go! It was an amazing experience.  A bunch of things stuck out to me as well. So it was an all around awesome. After that we had a wilshire ward activity and we watched the prophet of the restoration movie. It was amazing! It strengthened my testimony on Jospeh smith. I know without a doubt Joseph smith was a prophet of God. We was chosen to restore the true church of Jesus Christ on the earth. Everything he did was to establish the kingdom of God on the earth. He sacrificed so much so that we could have so much joy and happiness that comes from this church. 

1-2. Zone P day activity that we did 
  1. The 4th of July and a member took us out to get something to eat. He is the best! 
  2. Aunt Jen was right. We mob around the streets on these bad boys haha

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Week #41

This week flew by again! Not that much happened this week. Johnny got his mission call!! That was exciting we had temple day and that pretty much it. 
So Monday Johnny got his mission call to Guatemala!! There was a big party and it reminded me of when I opened up my mission call. I was feeling super sick tho I had the worst headache that made me feel like I was going to throw up. So I went to bed at 7:45 that night and missed out on pizza but it was so exciting!! 

Tuesday was my very first MIssion Leadership Council. It was really cool and a little long! We were up doing that for most of the day. We set goals for the month of July, ate lunch and had some super good trainings!Then just came home and worked! Nothing too exciting. 
Thursday was interview and temple day! So pretty much as Zone leaders you make interviews are stating on time so we were in the mission office from 8 until about 6. Then we went to the temple! It was awesome! So great and refreshing to enter in and just be reminded of everything in there! (Also Prez said I need to go change my hair now that I am a zone leader stay tuned) 

Something that has been on my mind a lot is how the gospel blesses families. It's truly amazing how much better our families can be when we have the gospel of Jesus Christ in our homes. I know one thing I am grateful for is my dad and how he exercised the priesthood for all of his children. What a blessing it is when we center our families on everything the gospel teaches us. When we do that we are promised happy marriages and successful families. This church is true! And I love it! 

  1. Elder Pearson, Johnny, Elder Reynolds y yo after where he is going
  2. El mismo
  3. Forgot to send this one! This was inside at the little kidz club we went a few weeks back!

Week #40

This week flew by! Yet again another busy week! Plus this week we set two baptismal dates! So to say the least it's been an amazing week! Only bad thing is I'm starting to get tired... I need to keep moving or a just straight up pass out.

Tuesday we had Zone Leadership Council. It went long because we are planning like a zone conference for the ward with trainings and talks and everything it's going to be great and it will be soon! Came home and ate pupusas went and had a lesson with our less active members there went on exchanges with the Assistants to the President

Get this the senior companion for the AP's sleeps on a temper-pedic (probs not how you spell it don't judge. In Spanish you sound out the word and that's how you spell it) anyways that companion was with my companion so I got to sleep in the bed and boy was it glorious! That day we went hard and it was hot. Sweat was everywhere. Had some good convos. Got to talk to a lot of people in Spanish so it was great. I miss it.

Thursday we got a call to go give a blessing in the hospital to someone with with stage 4 cancer. It was all in Spanish and I loved every minute of it! Plus I got to bear my testimony to her about having faith through hard trials like this. I told her about my dad and how he had cancer and how faith got not only him but my entire family through this challenge we had to face!

The next day we had our first lesson with our<> referral named Zack. He is so so cool he is from Boston and he even worked for the Red Sox! We got along just great oh and he accepted to be baptized!! Let's goooo he  just said this all makes sense and he is willing to act on our invitations! What a man.

The next day we had another<> referral lesson. She is this sweet grandma. It was one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever been in. We taught the restoration again and from the time we said a prayer until we left she was crying because she loved the message so much! We could tell it just clicked with her. Almost as if we were reminds her about it not teaching her something new. She also accepted a baptismal date. So we are so pumped rn!! She was the cutest and she kept saying everyone has been lying to me and this is what was mission in my heart. Super excited to teach again and have a lesson with her at the Visitor Center!

Yesterday night we went to a fireside with our returning less active. Kirby Heborne was the speaker. He gave a super great talk and after we snagged a pic and I told him he was a looser and we came home!

This week during my personal study I don't plan anything, I say my prayer and then just let the spirit guide me. It has guided me to the scriptures, general conference talks, Jesus the Christ and my patriarchal blessing! How grateful I am to have the Holy Ghost active in my life! Helping me become the best person I can be! He is real, he is here to answer our questions, give us comfort and guide us along this journey through mortality!