Saturday, April 29, 2017

Week #32

This week we started off strong by setting a baptismal with our investigator Jorge on Monday! Super cool guy and is familiar with the church. It was cool because when we were going to the lesson I just had the feeling that we should extend one. All we were doing was how to begin teaching. Followed the prompting and he accepted it!!
Tuesday morning we had to get up and go to temple hill to wash a bunch of old mission cars that are being sold. Pretty fun, it was nice to do something different 
Cool story from this week tho happened on Friday. So on Tuesday while we were out street contacting we passed by this couple twice and I recognized them the second time and just said hello. Then I thought, dang it Heavenly Father put these people in my path twice and I didn't really talk to them! Ugh. So I promised Heavenly Father if he puts them in front of me a third time I WILL talk to them. So Friday sure enough they were out walking there dog. We passed and just said hola and kept walking. It hit me that it was the same couple. I told Elder Thomson and we turned around and chased them down and talked to them!! They said they have family in the church and that we can come by! The wife Patricia has a lot of potential you can just tell! Excited to go over this next week to talk and teach them! Also glad that I followed the prompting i felt I am learning that it is so important to act on the promoting God gives us the FIRST time. 
On Saturday it was our zone blitz activity! The whole zone went and worked in three different parts of the zone in three different phases. We each had new companions every phase and it was a blast. Talked to 8 people and got 6 referrals out of it! As a total we got 57 new people that want to hear our message!!
This week was good and full of miracles. God really does hear and answer our prayers. He loves all of us perfectly and wants nothing but the best for us! Love you all! Have a good week!
  1. the zone blitz!
  2. Home. 
  3. We are famous!! With the best angle of me


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week #31

This week flew by! We had a ton of success and had so much fun grinding. We were able to find 8 new investigators and we had ZTM that was great but it was also 4 hours long! I got pretty antsy. We also went on exchanges with our zone leaders and they live behind members and the members have a super cool son that is my age that we hung out with and he came out with and worked with us his name is johnny and I taught him what are the odds. 
On Tuesday I accidentally sat on Elder Thomsons glasses bending them a little. I felt so bad but he is so nice and bent them back and said it was fine. Then the next day I was backing him up and as I was getting into the car for a prayer he rolled the window up on the tips of my fingers. I get in holding my fingers he apologized en said "why would president Haynie out two idiots together" we laughed in the car for about 10 mins after that. It's true we mess up so much and make 19 year old moves all the time. Weird how much God trusts us 
This week was general conference and it was off the hizzle! I learned so much and the spirit was there! I am excited to read and listen to them again! The last two times at priesthood Session I have cried... all I think about is going with my dad and it makes me cry that he goes alone now:( cause that was such a good memory I have is going to the priesthood with my Dad that's alright! I half done with conferences...
We had probably the biggest miracle happen to us on Saturday night.  We came to a corner and we saw some lady with 3 boys walking towards us so we stopped and tried to look confused waiting for her. When she came up to us we started talking to her, turns out she is a member and she has been looking for the church here because she just came her from Mexico. While we were standing there a coup,e came up to us and the guy said he I want you to come by my house and teach my wife! We thought he was just making fun of us. But it turns out he is a less active and his wife isn't a member and he wants us to come over too!! We have appointments with both of them this week! We were able to share the Prince of Peace video and they loved it!  Huge testimony builder that god loves and is so merciful to each and every one of us
Yesterday we crashed our 15 year old investigators birthday party.. we had pizza wings and shared my favorite scripture 2 Nephi 31:20 with all the people over and they want copies of the Book of Mormon! So from crashing a birthday party we placed 3 Books of Mormon! 
God is great. Thomas S. Monson is the prophet that leaders and guides the earth today. The gospel of Jesus Christ is here in its fullest. That's made possible by the Book of Mormon.