Thursday, March 15, 2018

Week #77

It was a pretty good week this week, just full of exchanges/finding/teaching! Nothing to big or crazy happened this week. 

Last Monday we went bowling and I destroyed Elder Eldredge wasn’t even a game.. then we went to a church and played basketball  right as p day ended we had a lesson with a recentish convert over skype. It went pretty well! We then had dinner with the new patriarch inn the stake and just asked him a bunch of questions about being a patriarch.

Tuesday  we just worked all day. Found some super. Cool less actives and then had dinner with a cool het slightly crusty family. They fed us spaghetti... English program. 

Wednesday was off the charts. We had a. Bunch of lessons starting from 10 till about 4 they were all awesome and I liked them because they were with different people along the path. A brand new investigator, a recent convert and some one we have been meeting with for a while now. All at different points in the gospel and it made me grateful that this is a gospel of progression. Later that night we exchanged. With the Orizaba elder and I was in a trio!

Thursday I was in their area helping out 2 new missionaries. We had a couple of lessons and did a bunch of finding. Overall it was a good day! They are both for g to be incredible missionaries! 

Friday we had district meeting they were good our district leaders are beasts. Then we had lunch here with that recentish convert then went out and worked! We did a Lot of introducing ourselves to members which was awesome. Then we exchanged and I was with good ole Elder elderedge. We came home and we slept under the. Stars. (Put our. Mattresses on the deck)

Saturday was the same. No lessons so just a bunch of finding! It was a great day! We had dinner with my fav member out here brother Garcia, he took us to this bomb nacho place the. We came home to his house and laughed with him for a sec then went back out to work. 

Sunday was good! Church was a little stale then we had stake correlation with the mission presidency and stake presidency! Good meeting and got a Lot done. Then we get a text from someone in the zone that they needed to resolve some “issues” that wrecked out Plans for the day but aye whatever it s chill. 

Hope everyone has a great week! Love you all!

1 me at pinks 
2 classic benson and I 
3 Elder Eldredge and I sleeping out underneath the stars 
4 Elder E and I game of horse in the apartment turns into us breaking something every time 
5 how to put stupid beach cruisers on a bike rack 
6 classic Downey 

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week #76

Hey Ryan
This week was a little slow because we had to do a bunch of things outside the area.. had the opportunity to go into the temple and to have a really good interview with President Haynie!

Last Monday. We went to a swap meet. Not my first choice for a sick p day activity but they had 4 churros for a buck so I was content. 

Tuesday we had to be up super early for MLC, it went by quick and it was actually not that bad off one. Learned a lot and I liked the focus on the Book of Mormon. Came back to the area had had a great restoration lesson with our investigator with that emphasis on the Book of Mormon. Later we exchanged with elders Romriell and Lopez. I went with good ol Roms for the 13th time. Couldn’t be happier. 

Wednesday we got a text from a recent convert of ours asking if we could meet at chick fil a for lunch. We had great talk she is going through a tough time rn and she said she wants to get stronger in the gospel! After we had a bunch of lessons cancel until our lesson with Gregg at President. Lang’s house. It was a powerful lesson and we finally found the iceberg! Gonna solve that concern this week

Thursday we had interviews and temple all day long. Or was really nice to go into the temple again that peace in there is unreal. Also had good time getting to know a lot of the. New elders in the zone plus my interview with President Haynie was awesome! Came back to the area and had the crustiest dinner I have ever been apart of like so bad it was only 30 mins long and I was super close to rebuking this couple. if you want those details email me personally and I’ll let you know

Friday rained all day and we went out to hunting park for district meeting and tacos! Classic guey scouts. Came back finally. Got to work in the area then had a super sick dinner with a less active in our ward who is so tight! Then we exchanged I went with Elder Mera! 

Saturday Elder Mera and I smashed face hard! Set a bunch of return appointments and had some good lessons. One of his investigators gave us a Powerade bottle full weed and asked if we wanted to smoke it with him right there. Told him no then hit him with that word of wisdom he committed to live it! We were on bike and there was puddles everywhere so I was enjoying myself all day jumping off curbs into the puddles. It was a mad nasty day. 

Sunday we had stake conference with and area 70 the talks were great! It was hecka hard to get anyone to church tho... after stake conference we went and ate with the stake presidents family. Then right from there we went and had dinner and a lesson with our investigators and the family that referee them to us! Then we just finished the night collecting numbers and weekly planning!

1. Los guey scouts 
2. sunday with one of the coolest members 
3. Just Elder Eldredge and I hanging 
4. This lasso tool is phenomenal 
5. S/O to Elder eldredge for tagging my name in the hood


Monday, February 26, 2018

Week #75

This week was really good! A lot happened and we were able to have a ton of lessons and I have a new companion! He is from Naperville Illinois! Second one form there and still haven’t had one from Idaho... he is chill 

Last Monday Elder Kane and I were up in Santa Monica just driving around seeing what’s up then we can home and found this former investigator that had reached out to us us last Sunday! She is super cool and told us to come by on Thursday!

Tuesday got my new companion made sure everyone exchanged then we went out to our recent convert and his investigator wife and had a lesson with them! They are going to the Philippines today for two weeks so it was like us saying goodbye:( then after we got a call from a less active member in our ward that said “meet me at the church at 7” turns out this dude is a sick bro and he told us he wants to get his wife back to church and be strong in the gospel again. He also use to live in Portland and he told me he doesn’t like voodoo doughnuts:( smh Chris.

Wednesday we had our study’s and went out and started meeting members until dinner.  We ate with this super old couple in the ward and one of them grew up in Caldwell and I told him I was from eagle so he started asking if I knew all these people from pretty much Boise.  I kept saying no, after about 47 nos he said “yeah those people are. All probably dead anyways.” Classic. After our investigator took us up to the VC for a lesson with president Haynie. It was a really good lesson! We helped. Him realize that god has answered his prayers and that he has felt the Holy Ghost! The spirit was there and President Haynie helped out a ton! He just still isn’t sure! One day this ol boy will come around. 

Thursday we had weekly planning and had to do a bunch of zone leader crap then went and had that lesson with that investigator from Monday! She is super cool and really opened up to us! Right after that we went and found another investigator and a less active mom and daughter!

Friday we gathered the entire zone together for a welcome to the Downey zone thing. And then had district meeting  then went out and worked for a Minute then went to HP so I could go on exchanges with Elder slavens. 

Saturday we started at the VC. The investigators cancelled so we trained home then smashed face for the rest of the day! We set like 6 return appointments and a new baptismal date! 

Sunday was the classic paramount ward experience. Just crusty. Right after church we had a. Lesson with that less active mom and her daughter who isn’t baptized. And set some expectations! They told us a little of the situation and I am excited to keep working with them! Finished 5e night eating at bro Gracias house. What a man. 

Have a good week! Love you all! 
1. Last day with Elder kanene:( he truly changed my life. 
2. Complete loyalty to the Downey zone. Someone made the Downey city flag into a cake. Respect. 
3. When Elder eldredge feems you things...
4.classic HP



Week #74

TBH too lazy to write one this week. Got transfer calls I am staying a ZL in English. Dang it. My new Comp will be Elder black!