Monday, May 7, 2018

Week #83

This week was really good! Ran out of toilet paper and had to use paper towels.... but it was was seriously off the chains!! Also sorry didn’t send this last week we were busy shredding on bikes but this is for the last 2 weeks!

Monday just went bowling and played basketball with the boys. 

Tuesday finished up teaching the twins and Sandra everything to get them ready for their baptism and they were all ready and wanting to do it! 

Wednesday started my plan.... it’s disgusting. Then took the other elders bikes so they could use our car for something. We only rode our bikes for 15 mins and g got a flat... had to walk the rest of the day it was chill tho. Didn’t get a whole lot done cause we spent the majority of the day walking from appointment too appointment 

Thursday was weekly planning and just finding. 

Friday we had an awesome district meeting  then Chavdogs for lunch then had the baptismal interviews for Gabby Jenny and Sandra! 

Saturday was the day of their baptism it was awesome! The spirit was there and a lot of people came to support them! After there was a Samoan party for a dude that just got home from his mission. I think they gave about 17 pounds of food! After went to Sandra’s house for more food..

Sunday all 5 people over. The last two weekend were confirmed! Then after church Gregg from my last area was baptized!! It was awesome! Right after that there was another baptism for the other elders in the Rama and we gave the missionary moment. Then we sang with the youth from the Lynwood and South Gate branch in a youth fireside. Right after I had the awesome privilege to skype the youth that are preparing to go on missions in my home state! It was a cool experience and I hope I helped someone decide to go have the best experience of their lives!
Ok last Monday we let the other elders take our car and we took their bikes on the trains to redondo beach. From there we biked all the way up to Santa Monica beach and back, it was like 35 miles... needless to say we slept good that night. 

Tuesday we got up and went out and smashed around a recent converts house then in the afternoon we went and had a lesson with our recent converts! Later that night we found a. Less active Samoan at home and talked with him! He has 2 kids that are not baptized yet!

Wednesday did weekly planning then went to plaza Mexico to buy gifts for our recent converts soon who turned 8. That night went over and had a birthday party for mark the son of  Mercedes! It was awesome!

Thursday got up went to Zone Conference. It was really good! Learned a lot! Also found out We can go to a Dodgers game in June. Came home and took our boi big Mark to buffalo spot. Later found two homies at the park that are interested in learning more!

Friday  went and worked in the morning we found a guy in our are book planner that has a 64 bug, 56 and 67 buses he started the bug up for us and it sounded so nice and brought back a lot of memories. then went and had a lesson with. The twins! Then that night was the Mother’s Day celebration for the branch! It was fun serving and eating the food!

Saturday we went to plaza Mexico and set up a both for the Book of Mormon, we printed out pages of the BoM and had people highlight things they liked and references to Christ. It was really successful and we have a lot of referrals now! Later we had lessons with the twins again and some other investigators 

Sunday got up church was good! All of the recent converts came. After church since mark turned 8 we had a baptism for him! He was so excited! He was telling everyone at school. He was getting baptized soon. The spirit was there. It was awesome. 

Love you all have a great week! I’ll send pics in another email cause I have a bunch!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Week #82

This week was pretty chill. We didn’t have too much time out on the streets cause we are trying to make sure everyone is good for their baptisms coming up soon. Over just a good week tho!

Last Monday we went on a super sick hike for p day! Then that night we exchanged with our district leader and I was with Elder Mera on bike in his area!

Tuesday we had a lot of lessons and we hiked a ton. It was sick exchanged back later that night. 

Wednesday just ran around trying to finish everyone’s lessons 

Thursday was weekly planning and some more teaching

Friday we had district meeting and then the other elders took our car for a doctors appointment so we were on bike mobbin in the streets. 

Saturday ran around trying to make sure everyone was good for church!

Sunday hardly anyone came to church :/ but Mercedes and her daughter Roselyn were baptized! It was an amazing experience to witness the two of them really wanting to make an eternal covenant and open up the gate for them. The spirit was there and they are going to be a great addition to the branch! Later that night we had dinner with the sickest Samoan family the Sitalas just hung with my boi Jason  for the rest of the night. 

Love you guys! Have a great week!

Samoan breakfast 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Week #81

This week was good! Not a lot happened till the very end of the week so we coolin now. 

Last Monday we went to the old abandoned zoo up in Griffith Park, we found a way into the monkey cages so we just explored all p day. Later that night had dinner and did service with the homie Vasquez fam. Got sick came home and knocked out. 

Tuesday I was sick pretty much all day so we did the best we could with getting g out onto the streets. Ended up making a bunch of baptismal folders for everyone. 

Wednesday still sick, had interviews with President and sister Haynie. Came home just kept working on the baptismal folder then went out and had a couple of lessons with our baptismal dates. 

Thursday still sick luckily weekly planning, then more lessons with our baptismal dates.

Friday we had district meeting. Finally started feeling better. Left my Book of Mormon on top of the car she took a nasty spill onto paramount Blvd. going about 30.. she’s all good tho. Had Chavdog for lunch has bomb guacamole again. Finally Got out and smashed. Finally. 

Saturday we went and had a lesson with our baptismal dates and then finally got them up to the VC! Right after the VC with them we called some other investigators and they said they were on their way up to the VC! We had an awesome times with them! There was a big change from the beginning of being on temple grounds till they left. At the beginning they were all so mad at each other then by the end they were all happy and wanting to get married in the temple and committed us to come to their sealing whenever it will be...

Church wasn’t peaceful or relaxing, we were running around making sure all the people were in their right classes and everyone was enjoying it. Then the senior missionaries in our ward came in clutch with sack lunches from us. After just worked the rest of the day.

That’s about it homies love you all have a good week!

Kill it in the real world benson 
In case you forgot I am serving California 
Old LA zoo
With our boi Saunigalotu
A$AP rocky holding the best book ever
Tyler with some CLAM boys 
My dream 


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Week #80

This week was off the main let me tell you! Got to my new area which I am double covering. We cover the city of South Gate for Spanish and then the top half of the mission in Samoan. It’s sick. Plus I get to the area and we have 9 baptismal dates for the month of April. We have been running around teaching everyone and just making sure everyone is still good to be baptized!

Last Monday we went to the science center to see a king tut exhibit with a bunch of his jewelry and boxes are crap, it was a cool thing to do! Won’t be able to see that stuff again unless I go to egypt! S/O to Donald LaPlante for the tix and going with us!

Tuesday was transfers. Got my new companion, Elder Salazar from Tennessee! He has been in the area for about 6 months so he knows it really well! We just went to work and taught like 3 lessons to our baptismal dates! Plus had tacos dorados, boy is it good to be back. 

Wednesday just same working really hard and just teaching all off. These homies started meeting Samoan members and the first phrase I have learned is “fai fai le mu” it means take it easy. Perfect. 

Thursday was weekly planning trying to figure out how we aren’t going to let anyone slip through the cracks.  Just went out. And taught some more. 

Friday we had a zone meeting then a district meeting inside of that. We made an initiative to bring our investigators to the church for chapel tours. Then after the. Zone had lunch but it. Was pretty much a big bucket sesh. Ni modo. Later that. Night we had plans to teach her our most solid baptismal date but she lives alone so. We need to bring a male with us, couldn’t find anyone so we had the idea to have hermana Olga Chavez pick her and her two kids up and go to the church for a chapel tour and OLGA CHAVDOG came through! It was a good lesson and we set a baptismal date with her 10 year old daughter! Then we went to Chavdogs house for dinner with her bomb guacamole 

Saturday ran around teaching again and making sure everyone was coming to church helped our Samoan homie with a baptismal date Saunigalotu make and prepare some taro leaves for whatever they are gonna make with them for. Sunday

Sunday was good! Not everyone was there but we had a good number show up! One of the members brought his non member girlfriend. We sat down and taught her during the second hour and set a baptismal date with her! After church we went and had dinner and it was pretty much just carne asada, it’s good to be back. 

Love you all hope you have a good week!

1,2 last night in paramount ward
3 zone bucket sesh.