Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Week #88

Another fluid week. This week was full of “last times” it was a little sad but there was too much going on to really think about what’s gonna happen 

Monday was my companions birthday he wanted to chill and that was fine with me! We did the usual morning stuff at a nice slow pace and d then just chilled all afternoon long! After a member had us over to celebrate his birthday! 

Tuesday we had lesson from 10am to 7pm non stop.. we were basically  flying around our area trying to keep on schedule. It was a great day! Ate with my favorite family from the branch that day. I ate a super spicy pepper.. idk what it was called but it was not fun.. i only did it so they wouldn’t call me “el hijo de Trump”

Wednesday was my final zone conference. It was a good one! Saw a lot of mission friends there! Came home and had a lesson with Mercedes and then went and hung out at mutual

Thursday had breakfast with the coolest couple in the ward then had weekly planning then exchanged with the district leader I went with Elder Terry!

Friday got up went to my final district meeting pulled up in my Jesus sandals and no suit lol had to go out with a bang. I had the wonderful opportunity to bear my testimony to the district. It was a very spiritual experience for me to say the least. After went over to Olga Chavdogs house for the last time:(( cried about that one. After Elder Terry and I went out and worked until the Samoan ward and Spanish branch Father’s Day parties. They were both fun and we wrecked face. 

Saturday got up and went to help at an old folk home in the morning then in the afternoon went to the park and drew the plan of salvation really big with chalk. Got some people to look we did it right next to some basketball courts so I started ballin with some people lol 

Sunday, church was awesome after church went and did some Samoan work until dinner r then finished with studies. 

Literally pretty upset I have to go home. I don’t want to leave. 


Week #87

This week was pretty fluid. Got a lot done plus went on exchanges. Plus finally got one of our recent converts up to the temple!

Last Monday we went up to the mountains and shredded on our bikes for a couple hours. I got super light headed cause I haven’t done anything like in 2 years! You can see in the pictures I am dead! Plus took a spill going about 20 miles an hour on the way back.. basically it was like me sliding into 2nd base except going 20 miles an hour  that’s night exchanged with the zone leaders. 

Tuesday was good I was in my old area working with the Elder Styer. Cool dude. Nothing really. To say besides we did a bunch of ZL stuff. 

Wednesday just worked most the day until we went and picked up Jacob Garcia  a recently returned missionary I thought he went to Tampa Spanish speaking turns out he was English speaking.... he doesn’t know Spanish lucky our recent convert understands it pretty well. Finished the night with mutual. 

Thursday got up worked until weekly planning. Then we had lesson until dinner. I was feeling wiped so we came home home early. And I straight knocked out at 7. 

Friday had an awesome District meeting then Chavdog then work until we picked up 2 young men in the branch and took them to dinner at buffalo spot. We sat and laughed for about an hour then went to another lesson with Mercedes! Kids are straight bros! They helped out a ton! 

Saturday got up and went to the temple for temple baptisms with Mercedes! It was super spiritual it was An awesome experience!  On the way home I cried cause imma miss all of this. gosh I’m a wuss. Went to our Recent converts birthday party and had good carne and tortillas

Sunday had too give my farewell talk in the branch then after went with 2 other missionaries for our my plan interview with a member of the mission presidency that basically took all the way till dinner and that was yesterday..

Love you all! Keep being examples and a light to the rest of the world!

Last P day
And all my areas here:(

The Last Couple of Weeks

This week all we did was just pack up our apartment.. but now we have an almost new apartment! Still not sure if it was worth it lol. Also with the time we did have to work we saw a lot of cool miracles. 

Last Monday we had a district p day we went bowling! Then got tacos! Roms and I came home and went to work that night!

Tuesday found out apartment is getting painted Thursday so we. Started prepping for that then later in the afternoon we went out and worked for the night!

Wednesday got up did my plan came home and started packing... about 2 hours into packing a less active called us and wanted us to come over and. Walk with her. To get her nephew from school. Jumped right on that! I know it. Doesn’t sound like too much but boy if you knew this. Less active it was literally the biggest miracle. It get better tho.

Thursday got up finished packing and moving furniture to the center. After we went out and started working when we got a call from the same less active wanting a blessing.. we went over there and gave her a blessing and we built up some. Trust finally! After did weekly planning 

Friday we had district meeting then Chavdogs, it was lit. Then we went out and worked that day until the lesson with Mercedes! It was a solid lesson about family history work!

Saturday is when it got good, we went and picked up Jason sitala a member or the Samoan ward. We took him to South Gate for a lesson with our recent convert! We had some time to work around the area so that’s what we did! Jason with no shame was walking down the road yelling “HEYYYYY AMIGOOOOO”  to every Latino he saw.. then we went and had the lesson with Sandra it was awesome! After these lesson we took Jason home and went straight to dinner with the Amu family! They are my favorite! They took us to hometown buffet and let’s just say the 10 year old at two more plates then me... this family basically wrecked the place and while we were walking out they told all the employees “see ya Thursday!”

Sunday had church, it was awesome then came home and worked until dinner with the Amu family again! They c came in clutch and gave us a bunch of food including milk!


Last Monday we went and had a sick carne asada party with members from the Inglewood ward! After we drove around reminiscing about our old days. That night we exchanged with the other south gate elders I went with one of my past companions Elder Thomson!

Tuesday got up and balled then Thomson and I smashed the streets! We found like 4 new investigators and set a bunch of return appointments! Plus at the end of the night since we were on bike we rode around hitting jumps and that good stuff. 

Wednesday was temple and interview day. This is how my interview with president Haynie went “Elder clark you go home this transfer, we will be having a long interview here in a couple of weeks.” Came home went to mutual  it with the other elders cause their apartment was getting redone so we shoved one of their mattresses into the back of our Corolla and we had a slumber party in our apartment 

Thursday we were gonna do weekly planning but ended up doing service for a less active then went straight to a lesson then to dinner then to a family home evening. Set 2 baptismal dates with cousins of our recent converts thoo

Friday we had district meeting, lunch with Chavdog finally di weekly planning and had a couple of lessons!

Saturday had a lesson with our recent converts and now new baptismal dates! Didn’t go as planned but still good! Worked until dinner with the Macias family literally the best family in the branch!

Sunday church was awesome! Bore my testimony for the last time on my mission, told everyone that and it got me a speaking assignment next week for sacrament modo.  After church did Samoan work out in Hawthorne and had a bunch of success doing that! Also I bet a member of the Samoan ward my sick mad Neff sunglasses that he couldn’t touch the rim and he did... so the 24th of the month I have to say goodbye to this beauts...

Man I am going to all of miss this..

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Week #84

Last week of the transfer and it was pretty sick, a lot of miracles and cool experiences. Had to sleep on the crustiest floor one of the nights tho... also transfers happened! I am starting my last one... it’s go time. 

Last Monday president Haynie took us to ice cream out in Downey cause we reached our goal for chapel tours. Then played soccer with our district. After we ate dinner with the Vasquez family in our branch. Probs the sickest family. 

Tuesday taught the twin recent converts the restoration and they were actually answering questions correctly and paying attention. Gift of the Holy Ghost is real. Later that day we found a super prepared investigator who had us right in and we shared a brief restoration with her!

Wednesday taught the twins again and Mercedes! They are both doing awesome and ready to progress later that night taught Mercedes and she is progressing great! Plus sister kitchen (Savannah or Bev) came and took us to tacos! It. Was sick she is the best!

Thursday was weekly planning but ended up going over to less actives house and helping her clean and we chilled then just contacted for the rest of the night!

Friday was our last district meeting then Chavdogs of course. The rest of the day we just tried to find more people to teach!

Saturday we took Mercedes to the VC! The stake rented vans that drove up. We were at the church building when the stake president rolled up and took us up! It was a great time! It really. Helped her!

Sunday was church then got to skype mom and dad for the last time! It’s awesome seeing them! I am excited to go home and actually see them! After Skyping my family we got transfer calls and I am staying! My new Comp is... elder romriell! From Idaho! I have already been on like 7 exchanges with him so I know. Him!


Last Monday we went to the beach and walked around on the rocks then came back to the area and Elder Salazar said goodbye to. A bunch of people in the area 

Tuesday got up helped take an Elder to the airport:( that was sad... got Elder romriell and we just basically cleaned the apartment the entire day. Called the APs and there is a chance we will keep some of the Samoan ward

Wednesday we started to work! Have a goal to visit all the members in the area! Taught some new members lesson then went to mutual!

Thursday was weekly planning set good strong goals for the last transfer! Worked then Samoan basketball 

Friday was a zone gathering then chavdogs then just work!

Saturday was a really good work day! Visited a lot of members!

Sunday was church then we ate at the sitala house! They are my fav family! After we went and had FHE with the tuimaualgas! 

Love you all! Hope you have a good week!


Monday, May 7, 2018

Week #83

This week was really good! Ran out of toilet paper and had to use paper towels.... but it was was seriously off the chains!! Also sorry didn’t send this last week we were busy shredding on bikes but this is for the last 2 weeks!

Monday just went bowling and played basketball with the boys. 

Tuesday finished up teaching the twins and Sandra everything to get them ready for their baptism and they were all ready and wanting to do it! 

Wednesday started my plan.... it’s disgusting. Then took the other elders bikes so they could use our car for something. We only rode our bikes for 15 mins and g got a flat... had to walk the rest of the day it was chill tho. Didn’t get a whole lot done cause we spent the majority of the day walking from appointment too appointment 

Thursday was weekly planning and just finding. 

Friday we had an awesome district meeting  then Chavdogs for lunch then had the baptismal interviews for Gabby Jenny and Sandra! 

Saturday was the day of their baptism it was awesome! The spirit was there and a lot of people came to support them! After there was a Samoan party for a dude that just got home from his mission. I think they gave about 17 pounds of food! After went to Sandra’s house for more food..

Sunday all 5 people over. The last two weekend were confirmed! Then after church Gregg from my last area was baptized!! It was awesome! Right after that there was another baptism for the other elders in the Rama and we gave the missionary moment. Then we sang with the youth from the Lynwood and South Gate branch in a youth fireside. Right after I had the awesome privilege to skype the youth that are preparing to go on missions in my home state! It was a cool experience and I hope I helped someone decide to go have the best experience of their lives!
Ok last Monday we let the other elders take our car and we took their bikes on the trains to redondo beach. From there we biked all the way up to Santa Monica beach and back, it was like 35 miles... needless to say we slept good that night. 

Tuesday we got up and went out and smashed around a recent converts house then in the afternoon we went and had a lesson with our recent converts! Later that night we found a. Less active Samoan at home and talked with him! He has 2 kids that are not baptized yet!

Wednesday did weekly planning then went to plaza Mexico to buy gifts for our recent converts soon who turned 8. That night went over and had a birthday party for mark the son of  Mercedes! It was awesome!

Thursday got up went to Zone Conference. It was really good! Learned a lot! Also found out We can go to a Dodgers game in June. Came home and took our boi big Mark to buffalo spot. Later found two homies at the park that are interested in learning more!

Friday  went and worked in the morning we found a guy in our are book planner that has a 64 bug, 56 and 67 buses he started the bug up for us and it sounded so nice and brought back a lot of memories. then went and had a lesson with. The twins! Then that night was the Mother’s Day celebration for the branch! It was fun serving and eating the food!

Saturday we went to plaza Mexico and set up a both for the Book of Mormon, we printed out pages of the BoM and had people highlight things they liked and references to Christ. It was really successful and we have a lot of referrals now! Later we had lessons with the twins again and some other investigators 

Sunday got up church was good! All of the recent converts came. After church since mark turned 8 we had a baptism for him! He was so excited! He was telling everyone at school. He was getting baptized soon. The spirit was there. It was awesome. 

Love you all have a great week! I’ll send pics in another email cause I have a bunch!