Monday, January 15, 2018

Week #69

This week was really good! We had a bunch of success in area for the first week! It was awesome! My new area is Downey in English. My new companion is Elder Kane he is from Connecticut. Super cool dude and he understands missionary work really well!

Last Monday we went up to Hollywood with the Inglewood elders and the Wilshire elders just hung out up there.

Tuesday the stake patriarch took me to Downey. In is the furthest inland you can get in the mish. Tuesday we just were busy with transfers all day long but had some time to work in the evening! 

Wednesday we set a baptismal date with Gregg! He has come a long way I guess and his best friend is the Ex. Stake president out here. 

Thursday we had to go to new leadership training. This is like my 8th one... after we just came back and worked 

Friday we had an awesome restoration lesson with our boy Edwin. Committed him to read the Book of Mormon. Elder Alti came back to the mish and took us to. La playita. The. Ate dinner with Brother Garcia. Beast. Then exchanged with the HP elders. I went with Elder Johnson from Pocatello!

Saturday we had to. Go set up chairs at the church then we went out and worked all day! It was a really good day with him!

Sunday went to church then stake reports. Didn’t really have time to work. 

Have a great week everyone! Read the BoM!

Us and Alti or Kevin

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Week #68

This email is gonna suck this week.. lo siento again.

This was a good week! We just worked hard to finish off the transfer. Got transfer calls and I am leaving! I am going to Downey in English still a zone leader! Not too happy to leave but hey it’s chill. My new companion is going to be Elder Kane!
That’s really it from this week. Made some big progress with our investigators.
That’s. Pretty much it.

I’ll let you know next How my new companion and area is!


Élder J Talmage Clark

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Week #66&67

Lo siento for not writing a weekly last week just talked to my fam the day before plus was hecka lazy. But these last two week have been great! Elder Hanson and I are really figuring things out and are starting to turn our days into systems! 

Last Monday was Christmas! It was so nice to hear and see my family! They are all doing great! We Skyped at President Galoraths house, his house is on an edge of a cliff overlooking Catalina. Freaking sick nasty. We spent the day delivering thank you notes to all of the ward members who have been a huge help to us. 

Tuesday was l day. We did our normal p day things and went to an aquarium! It was super fun! After p day ended the Basso family came and took Elder Hanson and I out to dinner! It was awesome seeing them and catching up with them!  One of the best nights out here on the mish!

Wednesday was just a normal work day had ZLC. some lady in our ward took us to Denny’s😡 ate it made me sick we had to go in early. I knocked out at 7:55

Thursday we had MLC pretty much all day long. It was a more chill MLC enjoyed it! Came home and had to go right to dinner 

Friday We had district meeting then went out and worked!  Then exchanged but elder Walker was with us in a trio! Offered to sleep on the floor. Terrible idea. 

Saturday we hit the pavement had some cool miracles with meeting some part member families! 

Sunday was asked to say the opening prayer in sacrament meeting. Realized it was my first time and I guess I said the same thing twice right in a row like a complete idiot. Had to be in the apartment by 6 so luckily we bought some Ben and Jerry’s the night before and we watched Ephraims rescue. Went to bed really early. 

Monday we hit the pavement again sat and talked with a less active member who won the world championship for skateboarding. He was pretty chill! Changed the subject when. We brought up church tho:( 

1-2.  space ex launched some satellites to space this past week and it looked like a glowing cloud 
3. Stake presidents son look just like Jake Steph.
4. Christmas Day!
6. My home boys and I 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Week #65

Not too much to report on this week! It was really good! We did some awesome exchanges and we became bros with a recent convert in our area! Also found some awesome service to do over in PV!

Last Monday we bought some Krusty turtlenecks and jeans shorts and took Christmas card photos (email me your address if you would like one!) I’ll give you a sample.  we took them at the sunken city which is like a graffiti place right above the ocean. After P day ended we went and ate at the estrella family love Latino families 

Tuesday we worked and set a bunch of return appointments for the next day! Also had a Skype lesson with our investigator that moved to Montana and she is doing good! That night we exchanged with the Korean elders so I was with Elder Barfuss! He is from Gilbert AZ! And yes he is related to Ray and Ruby!

Wednesday Elder Barfuss and  I were laying bricks!  Plus the stake patriarch took us out to some good Mexican food and he showed us where all of the surfers go! We worked super hard and got to know a ton of investigators it was a super good day!

Thursday we were weekly planning then we went and visited Lori años recent convert. We just go over there and see how things are going. She is such a stud in the gospel, plus she takes care of our meal Calendar and if we are eating with a crusty family in the ward she always bails us out

Friday we got up and went on a hike then went and did a service project that REI put on. We were planting these bushes in the side of this hill overlooking the ocean it was awesome! After that we went to district meeting and then had a ZLC meeting. That night we exchanged with the Malaga cove elders! I was with Elder Walker in their area

Saturday we went on another hike studied went over and painted a part member families house then had a little time to work then we had to exchange back so they could hit their ward Christmas party. After the exchange Elder Hanson went and visited some people in the area 

Sunday got up went to ward council and the. Had sacrament meeting.after sacrament meeting had to come home and clean super fast because we had apartment inspections last night at 9:30..  after we went to dinner then had an amazing lesson with a guy who loves in our area but that the sisters are teaching because this guys sister attends their ward. It was awesome! Then we had the inspection. Passed. Thank the heavens. 

Love you all have a great week! The church is true!
A couple Krusty pics