Monday, February 12, 2018

Week #73

This week was a straight blur. Went by so fast and I had to get up at like 5:45 everyday this week. Cause we had to go to Santa Monica a bunch this week so we spent a lot of time in the car. 

Last Monday we went to the science center at USC with some sisters. It was pretty fun then later after P day we went and had a lesson the Martinez family and we taught the plan of salvation. They understood it really well and they loved it! They had a bunch of questions and they truly wanted to understand it. It was very draining but I feel like that’s how lessons should be!  

Tuesday we got up and had to go to Santa Monica so Elder Kane could go to the physical therapist then we had to go tot he mission office for him to do stuff on a computer then we went to the church building by USC for a song practice that Elder Kane was singing in. We can back had dinner then went home. 

Wednesday we got up at like 5:30 to leave by 6:30 for zone conference in Santa Monica. It took us like an hour and a half to get there... zone conference was really good! We had trainings and went through the entire conversion process for our investigators. Pi really liked it. After we had a meeting with President Haynie for Elder kane. Then it took us 2 hours to get home.. had dinner, went and worked for a little and that was our day!

Thursday got up at 5:30 and left at like 6:25 for temple service. Got there around 8.. Elder kane and I wiped down a lot of wood in a bunch of different rooms in the temple. We did that Ate lunch then came home and worked until the Martinez family. We taught the restoration! It was a little harder for them but they understood well that if they want to know it’s true they need to pray and seek the answer. They did say tho if they don’t feel anything then it isn’t for them... we have been praying like crazy for them this week. 

Friday we had a ZLC and then district meeting. After we worked the rest of the day till dinner set up a couple of return appointments then exchanged with the HP elders 

Saturday I was with Elder Harrison and Creighton. We had breakfast with their neighbor then went to downtown to meet up with Elder Harrisons older brother and non member girlfriend and had lunch with them at a super fancy Mexican restaurant. (TBH still rather eat LA Playita) but then went and had a lesson with them. Came back down to HP and worked for a minute then their ward was having a party so we had dinner there! Exchanged back and had the best nights rest. 

Sunday we got up went to church then had stake reports with  the Haynies and stake presidency. Then we had a turn over lesson to the YSA sisters, then had another lesson with our super cool referral who we just met and got to know him. He said the closing prayer and asked if this is the path that he should take. After we finished the night at brother Garcia’s house with dinner and chisme. 
Still loving it out here! This is the greatest mission in the world. Just ask Elder Retamlaes. 

Love you all! Have a great Week!

1. At my new hangout spot. La Playita 
2. Downey Nation. 
3. Dude hey E 
4. El centro de science 
5. Our homie/new investigator Andrew wanted to take a selfie with us.

Week #72

This week we great! We found a lot of cool new people to teach! Plus we went on more exchanges! Plus had some crusty member meals that involved us learning about the history of Downey California. #englishwards 

Monday we found a couple of cool places to eat and get ice cream in Korea town, we were up there pretty much all day then came back to the area and went out looking for people!

Tuesday we had to get up at the freaking crack of dawn to go to MLC. It was good good discussions then at the end we got smartphones. What a blessing. Just no more little big city:( later that night we exchanged and I went with good ole Elder Eldredge in his area. TBH we stayed up late reminiscing about the old days. 

Wednesday all we had was our feet and the bus. Couldn’t be any happier. We went to La Playita for some tacos for lunch then started layin bricks, we were in south central. Hood. We saw a house on fire, a car driving down the street without a tire causing sparks to go everywhere and found a super prepared couple who had all the right questions and they understood the apostasy! After we went and ate dinner with a little Latina lady and boy do I miss Spanish. More than ready to go back. 

Thursday was awesome! We went to the family history library with our recent convert Allen. He borough his non member wife so we helped both of them start their family trees. Then Allen and I went into the temple so he could baptize 8 of his family members while Elder kane went on exchanges with sister Haynie in the VC with his non member wife. It was awesome to be in the temple with Allen! That dude has been waiting for this day for a long time! He told me he was so excited to go back again! Plus after they took us to some Lebanese food. Also found out the CLAM will be changing, we will be loosing TPV but going the valley. 

Friday we went to HP for district meeting. Once again I wish i was out in HP in n
Spanish. After their DM a member who owns a taco truck makes them all tacos and burritos.  So we stayed and enjoyed that. After just came home and worked. 

Saturday we had to give a training to all the youth of the stake who were going on their mini missions. Stayed and had pizza plus saw some mission homies. Later that day we finally got too get in the door to see the Martinez family. I found them my first Saturday in the area. Sat down And their 8 year old son has a bunch of good questions and they are wondering which of all the churches is true and how can they know? Going back tonight. Let’s eat. 

Sunday went to church. Crusty.  After church we went and worked until. We had to plan a training for zone. Conference this week! 

That was my week! Hope you all have a good week!

1-2. Last p day 
3-8 my day with Elder E

Monday, January 29, 2018

Week #71

This week was awesome! We found the sickest dude to teach. Plus we went on like 2 exchanges and I was with Romriell again. Crusty. 

Last Monday we were up at the mission office so Elder Kane could do some computer stuff. It was chill. Got to talk to my family haven’t done that in a minute. 

Tuesday we just worked all day until it was time to exchange. We exchanged with the orizaba elders so I went into their area and I went with Elder Ormond and Terry. 

Wednesday The Day was loco we had tons of lessons and I was just so impressed with these two missionaries. They are in their third and second transfer. This two will be the face of the English program. Mark my words. 

Thursday I went on a day exchange with Elder Romriell. Elder Kane went up to the mission office. So Rums and I hit the streets. That’s  when we found Tahir. Don’t get it mistaken with Tamir lol. He was in Rums area Book and we were looking for his son. He made time for us to come by the next day.  

Friday we had district meeting then went straight over to Tahir’s house and had a good lesson and they invited us to come over next week! Found him on Facebook and turns out our boy is in a sick reggae band. This dude is legit. He is even on  iTunes. Can’t wait for our next appointment. Also found another investigator finished the night with our boy bro Garcia. 

Saturday we had to go down to Torrance for Elder kane to work on his computer thing again. That took up a good chunk of our day. Came home and ate with the old bishop 
from. The Santa Fe Springs bishop. He’s a stud and his family picture is in the Spanish tithing pamphlet.

Sunday we had the special stake conference broadcast. It was really great! I loved what Elder christofferson had to say about lifting where you are and every calling in the church is so important. Every member in the church has some weight to pull! Keep on that covenant path boi.

Love you all! Especially you tamales❤️ have a good week!

  1. Lol
2-3 the MLC with the matching CLAM ties. Look at Pres grinning. Classic. 
  1. Last transfer zone pic at Christmas devotional. 
  2. Also found this pic from the crusty dinner last Sunday..

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Week #70

This week was hecka busy with exchanges interviews and proselyting. 

Last Monday we had to go to the Torrance North zone so Elder Kane could do some things on the computer with some other nerd dudes. On the plus we did eat at cafe rio After we went and chilled at the FHL then went and saw downtown at night from around the Hollywood sign. 

Tuesday we watched the broadcast and got to see who the new first presidency is! It was awesome! Shoutout to the guy who dropped the mic on the floor. Classic. I am very excited to follow the new prophet! After we just. Went and worked in our area until dinner where ate dinner with bishop PuppĂ© and his family. Then that night we exchanged and I was with my boy Elder Campbell from Idaho falls 

Wednesday we started by playing basketball. Then we went and hit the streets! We just visited members the entire day. Didn’t really have a whole bunch of success almost no one was home but we worked hard! Plus we went to La Playita for dinner!

Thursday we had interviews all day long... it sucked but got to meet everyone in the zone. Guess that’s not a bad thing. 

Friday we had district meeting/ZLC. after we went and worked until we had to go back to Torrance North so Elder Kane could follow up on the software with the nerd guys. None of them were there waste of a night.  

Saturday we actually went down to Torrance North and Elder Kane and now the “homies” and they sat down and touched a keyboard. I was busy trying to catch up in the Book of Mormon. 

Sunday we went to church then had dinner with the strangest family on the planet. It was too crusty for me so we got in and out quick. Right after we had the miracle of finding a less active family that we have tried for a while now and sat down and had a lesson with them!

Forgot to mention but like 2 months ago we started to read the Book of Mormon in 90 days. Got way behind but am catching up! It’s amazing starting all over again. It is growing my testimony of this book quick!  Man I love it!