Monday, October 16, 2017

Week #56

This week was good! We had a ton of success! It was crazy cool! Plus something for the first time happened in my life!

Last Monday we just chilled and went to the UCLA sports museum and did temple service!we helped set up sound equipment in the temple workers conference room. This room legit could fit a football field in it. That how big the LA temple is... after p day Hermana garcia made some bomb tortas for us. It was the best.

Tuesday went on emergency exchanges with a district who hasn’t found an investigator in a while. We went with the district leader to try and figure it all out. We went and worked hard in his area. It was a great exchange tried to help them out the best we could!

Wednesday we had a ZLC planning for the next transfer. Talking about what we need to do to fix it and make it better! After we went and ate lunch with a member the. Went straight to have a lesson and get to know this less active that wants to return to church. She is awesome and she said her goal is for her husband to join the church! But for right now she said the cousin of her husband wants to learn! From there we went straight to another less actrices house and got to know here and talk with her! It was great! Then straight from there we went to recent converts house to finish up their new member lessons. It was a great day!

Thursday we had our final district meetings. It was good and sad. Then straight from there we went to el Segundo because Elder E had a doctors appointment. That ate up a good chunk of our day when we came back we went straight to dinner. Then we just worked around. The area.

Friday we got up went out and worked all day. We went to the church that night. As we were turning into the parking lot of the church a motorcyclist tried to pass us in the right side and smashed into the side of us! We got out he was unconscious. But he came to and then the ambulance police and of course members came to help and see what happened. It was so weird cause we had no idea what was going on when he hit us.. we hope everything is ok with him tho! Just call me Ash now!

Saturday we went and blitzed the Westwood areas (aka Beverly Hills and bel air) that was fun. I like working in those Areas cause you have to the mind set of I don’t give a crap. It was fun talking to people and we actually had some success! After the blitz we went to our wards día de hispanidad. It was cool. They got up there and danced on the stage. Then we ate. It was pretty fun,

Sunday we had church and after we had stake reports with president. And Sister Haynie along with president Rudd. After that we went to the baptism of Tobias. He is from Denmark here on vacation with his bros. He found the church in salt lake and came here and got taught and baptized! He leaves for Denmark today so it was super cool to be apart of that and help out at the baptism. That night we got the transfer email...... Elder Eldredge is leaving:(((( i am getting my first brown companion, Elder Galli from Peru. Don’t want to leave Elder Eldredge but I know this is by divine design and I need to be with Elder Galli.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Week #55

Finally I had an eventful week! This was a good one. A lot happened and we finally got time in our area!

Monday we went on a hike with Sister missionaries. It was really fun. Then they took us to get beef shawarma.. it was meh but it was a fun p day!

Tuesday we had to be at the Westwood building to give a training to all the new missionaries that are about to complete their first transfer. Our training was on inviting simply. It was. A good training we thought. It helped us reflect! Later that day we were walking the neighborhood when I tried to stop some lady in Spanish she looks at me and yells I’m from the Philippines!!! Oops. She looked Latina they are starting to blend together for me...

Wednesday I was on exchanges with my boy Elder Romriell. He is from manan Idaho..... he ha to show me where that was. STICKS. It was a fun exchange! Elder Romriell is one of a kind. Funniest thing he said to me was I asked him what his dream car was... he answered idk I’m pretty set with my 1991 Subaru loyal... had to shrugged that one off.

Thursday we had Zone Conference. We had a special guest Elder Mervyn B. Arnold ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) of the seventy. Oh man he spit some hell fire at us. He did it in a very loving manner cause he knows how much better we can become! He also said we are one of the most obedient missions he has seen so he really loved us! He gave a lot of good trainings and the best part was at lunch! He wanted to meet with the zone leaders. So at lunch Elder E and I met with him together and solo. It was a little intimidating just him and I in a room talking but it was awesome. He wanted to know where we were from and how longing we have been out, he wrote it all down with my pen and kept it... I hope he is still using it.

Friday the Wilshire elders called us and said they can’t go to district meeting cause some random number wanted to take them to the griddle for breakfast.. we were like what the heck that’s weird. Then it hit me. I asked if the number started with 208 they said yeah it does. I told them that’s for us and it’s Bubba lol. So we went to the griddle with Bubba and some of his staff! Man it was good to see him! Plus it w was Elder E birthday.

Saturday we got to go work a bunch in our area! It was awesome! Out talking to people we were able to find one new investigator that day!

Sunday was stake conference with Elder Mervyn B Arnold ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). He gave a great talk and it was nice to see the Manhattan building full! Plus Enrique got his interview for the priesthood and he will be getting it next week! Then we went to the visitor center with Enrique for a fireside. It was about space and the gospel. It was hecka boring. It was so boring that Enrique took his translator out of his ears and just sat there in confusion. I don’t blame him.

Love this Gospel! I can truly see the importance it plays in my life. I am excited to have it continue to shape my life!

Have a good week! Love you guys!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Week #54

This week was great! Nothing really happened cause we had a lot of meetings but we still found time to work!

Tuesday we. Found Viviana and Esmeralda. They. Have been taught for about a year but were recently turned over but we got in and talked with them and found out where they are at! They are awesome and have a lot of potential! 

Wednesday we had MLC all day long pretty much so I will leave it at that. 

Thursday us and the STLs gave a training on the new chapter 8 of PMG it. Was awesome and I hope everyone in the zone takes it and applies it into their areas! Love the new chapter 8 all about t setting goals. I love goal setting and I am getting better at it!

Friday something super cool happened. Elder Thomson called us and asked if we could go to a children’s hospital in Hollywood to give a blessing to one of the recent converts infant in the hospital. It was such an amazing experience as we put our fingertips on this baby’s head and gave it a blessing as it was preparing for heart surgery the next day. It just made me Always be worthy to hold such a sacred privileges. I can bless other especially my future family.  The hen we went and had a video chat lesson with my boy Ryan Peceraro! Right as we connect he goes ITS FREAKIN TALMAGE CLARK! It was good to see him and catch up and to ask him what he believes in and where is in believing in God. After we went to a missionaries fiesta because he came home from his mish. The food was good but after I got a mad case of what Andy from parks and rec calls “hot snakes and bubble gut...” it wrecked me for the weekend 

Saturday and Sunday were  full of conference loved was amazing to hear the simple testimonies of the apostles yet it had so much meaning and love behind it. I feel trike there was 3 main things. Taught at this session of general conference. 1 serve others, bring happiness and light into the lives of others through service 2 the power of reading the book of  Mormon daily. 3 support and sustain the leaders of the church all the way down to bishops. It is such a blessing to be able to hear from men of God to receive help and guidance every six months! This church is true!

Love all of you have. A great week!
Guess the pics didn’t send from last week but here they is 
  1. Us waiting to get street tacos #YMI
  2. our boi josh and us holding a Peruvian flag
  3. Zone kickball last Monday 
  4. Cool pic of the temple 

Week #53

This week was great! Not a whole lot happened and we didn’t have too much time in the area but it was good! We lost our dinner calendar so I lost couple of lbs. this week but we chillin.

Monday we had Zone kickball and that was lit! It was probs the funnest p day I have had out in the mish.

Tuesday we did straight nothing. It was interview day so we were up at the mission office keeping track of time from 8:30 till about 5 when we finally got to go into the temple and do an endowment session! Man oh man it was needed to be in there. It felt good coming out and just feeling cleansed and ready to go and work. But it was like 8:30 so we had to go home lol. I am very grateful we have temples today. I am grateful I can go to the temple 4 times a year to first serve the people who didn’t have the opportunity to make these covenants here and also to remind me of the covenants I have made With my Heavenly Father. They are truly a blessing and I can’t wait to go more frequently when I am home!

Wednesday nothing happened just worked in our area and got to meet someone cool! Then that night we exchanged with the APs

Thursday I was with my boy Elder Pearson. It was a last exchange together. He has been one of my most favorite missionaries out here. We really relate well and when I am with him I want to be better. It was awesome and it’s gonna suck when my boi leaves.

Friday same thing just worked in the area.

Saturday we had a ZLC that went for 2 hours. It was good and we just talked about the zone and how we e can make it better. After that Elder Eldredge treated me to some pupusas. Then we worked in our area

Sunday was church and the confirmation of Enrique. It has truly been a blessing for to see him go through the whole baptism progress. Glad we get to continue working with him!!! After church josh was baptized. He is the sister cute lil 9 year old convert. His dad is super cool too. After we went and had dinner at a members house then started to plan a training for this upcoming week!

Love all of you have. A great week!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Week #52

This week flew by! Nothing too exciting happened. Went on an exchange and pretty much prepared for the baptism. 

Monday we went on this hike that not a lot of people know about in the mission. We hiked on this dried up riverbed for a couple of miles then turn around and came back up it. After p day ended we went and had dinner with this cute little Latino family they live in this part of town were there are tons of street venders and it's just chaos. As we were walking to the house some guy stopped us and said hey I need saving. So elder eldredge tells him we can't save you but Christ can we can help you learn more about Christ here is our number. As he is writing down his number some lady comes up and starts talking to me about something weird then I just hear elder eldredge go  bro are you serious?? Then he pulls the notecard away from him and says let's go elder clark. I was like what the freak just happened back there?! We get around the corner and I ask him what happened back there?! He said that guy like lightly tapped me in my goodies... so I have been joking all week that he has been groped by a vagabundo lol

Tuesday we had a two hour long lesson with Enrique. Taught all the commandments and went over all the baptismal interview questions. He is so awesome. We asked him if he has ever committed a serious crime and he tells us the only crime I have committed is not having Christ in my heart all my life. What a man. 

Wednesday we were at the VC all day long because the rest of the mission got Facebook so they had to receive the same training we did two weeks ago. It was very boring and long.  Wednesday I think I also ate about 35 tortillas and a bowl of beans with about 13 lbs of salt in it. 

Thursday we had district meeting and what not. Then we had Enrique's baptismal interview. He gave us a little miedo because he showed up 2 hours late. But he came. He passed. So we gooch

Friday nothing happened besides we went to another district meeting then from there went to the VC to help with this kid we have been talking to and helping so,e of our sisters teach. The kid has a lot of doctrinal and factual questions about the church. So elder E and I went up there and wrecked this kids universe. We showed him what's up and created a GM using Facebook so he can just ask us more questions and we can wreck him via technology. 

Saturday we went in exchanges with elder Ortiz and Garcia. I went with elder Ortiz. Oh man we had a great time. We worked hard and saw success in our area! 

Sunday Enrique was baptized! We had to push his baptism back 2 hours because we had to go to stake reports with the Haynie's and President Rudd. That was kind of a mess but to say the least he was baptized!! Oh man he was so ready for it and he invited family and friends! He has been such a great example to me of following Jesus Christ. The humility he has showed in this passed week has been amazing and his desire to be baptized and follow has probably been the strongest I have seen ever. He has been a huge testimony builder for me because I want to follow Christ just like Enrique does! I know if we do that we are going to receive incredible blessings that Heavenly Father and Christ are waiting to give us all we need to do I follow!

Love you all have a great week! 
1-8 our secret hike last week we just ran through a dried up river bed!
  1. All of the homies in barrio tercero  teaching English!
  2. Look at this nasty dinner....
11-12 our boy Enrique getting wet. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Week #51

This week has been super good! We don't really know what's going on since we both got moved to a new area we are just trying to get a hold of this area! 

Tuesday we just moved in pretty much all day so we set up shop in the apartment good stuff

Wednesday we had a new leadership training. It was good and it was definitely something I needed. Some mornings we just get up and go and then don't do any studies. They told us that we need to be doing it everyday. We need to fill up our cup so we can pour it out onto others! So we have been making that a focus for this transfer. After we had a ZLC meeting with the sister training leaders and district leaders to discuss what we want to do for the zone this transfer. 

Thursday we got to know the entire zone we played some games and set some goals. Adware we had district meeting. After we finally go to go work in our area got to meet some less active sand recent converts which was awesome!

Friday got up and we and did weekly planning. For most of the day. 

Saturday we have an investigator Enrique who was sent to us by some other elders sent us a referral with a baptismal date. He lives pretty much DTLA so we ended up paying for a stupid meter so we only had an hour to meet with him! We got into the apartment and this place is huge and we got lost for like 45 mins. Finally we find his place and we talk to him for like 10 mins and tell him we need to go.... 

Sunday comes and our boi Enrique is there looking sharp in his suit at church. He could stay for the third hour but he said I want to meet at 2:30. So we get done with church and wait till 2:30. We teach him and he pretty much said I want to get baptized now. So we told him there are some things we need to teach and stuff so we taught him the word of wisdom and he said he has already been living it. So boom perfect. Then we pull up our calendars and tell him to pick a date. We said the 24 of September to give him some time. He said the 17th so guess what we are having a baptism next week! He is totally down to meet with us every single day and to know and live all the commandments! We are meeting with him on Tuesday! Keep Enrique in your prayers! We know Satan finna come at him strong this week! 

That was my week! The longer I am out here the more truths I find out about the church and God and Jesus Christ! I love it with all of my corazón! This is the best! 

Have a good week! Love you all! 

  1. Us posting up in our new apartamento 
  2. Update on my areas I have served in! 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Week #50

This week was a week from hell.  Outing bad happened it was just about a million and 6 degrees everyday so that made the work a lot harder.. this week was super great!!  
A lot actually happened!
Monday we chilled with the legendary Elder Baldwin for his last full p day in the mission, he has a recent convert that lives in the chase tower in DTLA so we went to his sky deck and chilled there for most of p day. Ate food. Elder Baldwin made me pee my pants. It was great. 

Tuesday we had MLC again it was two extra hours long the reason for that is because we are getting Facebook in the mission so we can do missionary work through Facebook!! I am super excited to use this and to help people all over the world and even at home increase their faith in Jesus Christ! I know there are some missionaries from the mission on this DONT DOWNLOAD FACEBOOK OR YOU WILL GET SNIPED BY ELDER ELDREDGE AND I. Late that night we were down working by the bottom of our area until about 8 when we just decided to go back up and call referrals for the remainder of the night. As we were driving up Crenshaw and thought came to me. Monique Bland. So I cut over 3 lanes and we went and found a super prepared lady that had been turned over to the lord but she wants all of this so bad!! Her little sister is a convert of about 4 years and she has seen what the gospel has done to her so she wants it!! Grateful for that promoting to go visit her and I am grateful I actually listened and acted!

Wednesday was super cool we started at the family history library helping a lady who wants to get into it! We were there helping her had time to go have an hour meeting and she was still down there grinding away on her family tree. After I think like 3 hours we took her up to the VC and showed her around and she wanted to learn more!  We also went to our less active ladies house with the two daughters and just hung with them they are all super cool doing great and getting ready to keep making small steps. That night we were working and we stopped and talked to these people for like 45 mins just about everything, they knew us and were literally at temple square like last week. Long story short we offered them service and then the dude shoved 20 bucks into our shirt pockets because he knew wouldn't take money unless it was forced upon us... then we walked down the steel to the intersection and watched a guy do donuts in there for like 5 mins. 

Thursday we had a ton of lesson I think like 5 don't really remember what we taught but we taught some solid people and some people that just want to know and learn more which isn't all that bad. We also met with Monique again and just got to know her a little more. She is awesome! We also had our last district meeting:( this was my fav district out of my mission they were all so much fun and we had a great time together. After we through a root beer float party for the zone for their hard work for the month of August! That 40 buck the guy gave to us the night before yeah that where it went lol. It was super fun and they will all be missed. 

Friday night happened just went out and cut some meat while we were sweating off pounds. 

Saturday same thing. But we got a referral that was a member that wants to come back to church!! So we went and visited her and she was super cool!! And she came to church the next day 

Sunday nothing happened besides transfer calls so we made those and guess. What?!? Your boys are staying together BUT we are moving to LA third ward!! We are both going back to Spanish. It's rare that Zone leaders white wash an area but hey let's hit it and let's start butchin! 

Love you all have a great week! 

1-7. Last Pday on the sky deck with everyone! 
  1. This is brother Boswell from the ward. Doesn't he look exactly like Kramer if Kramer was about 85?!
  2. LA Butchery. Need we say more. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Week #49

First off I just want to say thank you to Conor Mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather Saturday night. Parking was horrible absolutely horrible on our street. Nothing really happened this week. We had lots of fun saw some miracles but for the Most part it was slow work wise again. 

Tuesday we had to go clean another set of elders apartment. The senior missionaries complained to us saying it looked like a "pit" so we went over there with two other sets of missionaries. We had a lot of fun cleaning the 6 of us. Pretty much made a big mess then had to clean all of it up so it's about back to the same place when we walked in. It's really all started when we hear the elote man honking his horn coming for the street. First off down here there are people riding around bikes with huge built on baskets or they are pushing shopping carts with just like snacks and what not BUT the elote guy is the king of them all. Elote is the thing that the scrawny guy in nacho libre spends all of his money on. Corn on the cob with like mayo cheese and hot sauce it is the best! But once as we heard the horn of the elote man productivity crashed. 

Funny story while we were cleaning. There was just a bunch of random crap in the apartment but there were so,e gems that we said we are gonna take back to our apartment. One of those being like a hand held mirror, said I am going to take that back and use it. So eazy Elder E asks me with the mirror in his hand "hey Elder Clark you said you wanted this?" I said yeah, right as I said that he smashed it on the door frame, then we had to crack out the vacuum and clean up shattered glass on the floor. What a freaking bro. 

We made some big progress with one of the less active ladies here that has two daughters that are baptism age!! We went over there just to talk and this week she just complained how everything is falling apart and what not. At the end of her going off I just remembered what Elder Ballard had said that last Sunday about learning knowing and understanding the plan of salvation. Usually we never talk about the gospel. But I just mentioned that to her. As we were leaving she said "hey when you all come next week let's talk about the plan of salvation it's been a while. Oh and LMK when you will come cause I want to make you dinner as well!" Grateful for the plan of salvation in that fact. That it can bring peace and and purpose into this life, when we understand it all other things in this world don't matter because all the things of this world will come to an end but Heavenly fathers plan and goal for us keeps moving on. There is a great sense of assurance  we can all feel when we know that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father. That right there gets to me that is the best knowledge anyone can have in this life. I know the plan of salvation is a plan of happiness for us. If you don't know the plan of salvation or don't remember everything about it brush up on it! There are plenty of great scriptures for it! 

Love you all have a great week!

1-2 absolute chaos right after these pics 
  1. Us chillin on the car staring at my freakin sick shades 
  2. #weidman20
  3. LA butchery
  4. Quick shoutout to my dad for mobbin in hotels keep butchin dude 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Week #48

It was a great week! A little slow in the work aspect because almost everyone of our lessons canceled this week but we also had an apostle come talk to us. So it evens out. 

Tuesday we just worked. But we actually had to go to the church to make a schedule for this book fair we were serving at on Saturday so that ate up most of the time for the day. 

Wednesday I went on exchanges with my boy elder Thomson!! Love that homie to death! Tuesday night we exchanged and I was at his place. He was talking to me and I straight knocked out at 9:30 because I am completely exhausted because we never go to bed on time especially when elders don't text that they are in and then we have to leave our apartment at 10:20 at night to go look for them. So I just passed out cold that night at 9:30 and the next day I felt fabulous! We went out and worked hard then exchanged back early because we had ward coordination meetings. 

Thursday was district meetings freaking love my district they are all the best. Then we went out and worked some more! 

Friday we had to wake up early and be at the temple at 7 in the morn for temple service. So we were out in the sun grinding pulling weeds at el templo until a lit noon then came back and tried to knock off some of our referrals. Friday we also go to go to el coyote! It is a famous Mexican restaurant in LA and the owners just happen to be in our ward. So my boy eazy Elder E and I got buffalo enchiladas and tacos. Oh and the owners gave us a referral from one of their staff. It was nice because we got treated like royalty in there. Friday night at 6 at a nice sit down restaurant and we were in and out of there in 25 mins. 

Saturday was the book fair at a mall. We were there from 7-5:30 in the sun just helping out where help was needed! It was fun and every member from the zone came plus we got some sick hats and a free Quran with my name written in Arabic. We also got to meet my boy Star. He is this crazy I am guessing homeless dude that was wondering around the book fair handing out vegan pamphlets with scriptures in it and saying if Jesus were here today he wouldn't eat meat! He was also wearing a Bernie sanders hat with sweet Bernie sanders buttons all over it I asked if I could have one of them but he would always change the subject! Freakin Star. I got baked by the sun that day it was bad I had a throbbing head and I wanted to go home and cry about it. But after the book fair we finally had our flood the Visitors center night! We were able to go with one of our recent converts! We watched the testaments and it was a great time!

Sunday we had a special stake conference and Elder Ballard was the main speaker! Oh man I just strengthened my testimony even more about how God works though his prophets and apostles. Elder Ballards testimony was so simple yet it hit you so hard. What he was teaching us on we so simple and it had so much meaning behind it. Elder Ballard threw some shade at us tho... he was saying how we spend too much time on social media and how when we want answers answered we go to google and the internet. Then he said I always ask them when was the last time you picked up the Book of Mormon? Roasted. But that's really all he Asked us to do! Is read and pray often and learn and know about the plan of salvation. I kw what he is saying is true because he is an apostle of the lord! That's my challenge for you all this week! Read and pray more often and know and learn as much as you can about the plan of salvation!

Love you all! Have an awesome week!

1-3 with our main squeeze Star 
  1. With the head honcho of the book fair 
  2. Most of the zone homies 
  3. Freakin Star. 

Last Monday we were sitting at the Hollywood building when a man comes up and asks if he can use the parking lot to park some equipment for a music video he is shooting around the corner. So I asked him who the artist is and he looks at all of us and goes "I trust all of you, we are filming for Jason Derulo" thought was worth sharing.