Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Week #64

This week was really good! We had our Christmas devotional but we didn’t have too much time in our area but we were able to meet a whole bunch of members! We are quickly figuring out that we we are a couple of idiots when we are together.. also yes I am safe from the fires they are lejos from me so we good.

Last Monday we went to the LA auto show and was able to see a bunch of the new car coming out in the next year! It was super cool! After p day ended we went over to a members house for family home evening where the stake president as really good! There was ham and pie. The hams were not ham man quality tho, complete shame.

Tuesday we went and worked in the northern part of our area like all day long. Hit a bunch of members and introduced ourselves. Nothing too exciting happened that day

Wednesday was the same as Tuesday, just visiting members by the port! We found a member whose father was the guy who created battle Star Galactica... guess it was some nerdy show from the 70’s that was popular or something. I couldn’t participate in that conversation. After working in that area all day we went and had the Book of Mormon class where we had our cool investigator there that loves the church! That was a blessing

Thursday was lowkey sucky. We had 4 appointments and a dinner appointment and everything but 1 lesson fell through! But hey that’s just how it goes sometimes!good thing I have Elder hanson as a companion. We make everything fun so we chillin hitting it.

Friday we had our Christmas devotional, it was awesome to hear the music and to hear the testimonies from a bunch of my mission friends. It was a really good time! Had ham, the ham man still hasn’t made his way down to SC yet. We also watched a Christmas movie! The was the one about the Christmas oranges, wasn’t half bad After the conference we went back to our area ate some street tacos that made Elder hanson sick so we had to go in early... lol

Saturday we were all over the zone. We went to the stake center for district meeting. Came back to our area to have a lesson that he wasn’t there for... then went back to the stake center to help set up for a stake open house. Came back to our area for our ward Christmas party! It was fun and it was nice to meet more members! There was ham for the third time. Got my hopes up. It didn’t meet the standard that the ham man has established. It was fun we have polys in the ward and man it’s fun to be around them!

Sunday we went to church which was awesome I finally got to meet a bunch of members. After went to a justserve committee meeting and all of the people (who are hecka rich) were really impressed with our input. Yeet. After we went to the stake center for the stake open house. Where we stood and greeted people!

I am super excited for this Christmas season and to help light the world of others! Very. Grateful for the eternal gift that Heavenly Father gave all of us!


Monday, December 4, 2017

Week #62 & #63

Sorry I didn’t write a weekly email last week I was hecka lazy and I didn’t know what to think cause we got transfer calls last week and i am back in English now in San Pedro... im pretty much in the Long Beach mission. It’s at the opposite end of the mission. I love it here tho! It’s like a port town and the pace here is way slower, it’s a port town! I love it! Plus I get to see an uncle salty at least once a day. It’s the best. Plus the ward is the coolest thing ever! Very different from Spanish but this ward GETS IT! SO grateful for that

Last Monday all we did was got to the golf wang store by Tyler the creator. It was a dream come true. Also visited the rip and dip store. Didn’t have any money and I wanted it all..

Tuesday got up super early my ride came and picked me up and we went to San Pedro! Met my new companion I already know him. It’s Elder Hanson. Such a stud. He is from Utah came out with me and is called Spanish too we get along good. Came to the apartment and it was Krusty with a K! It was such a pig pen I didn’t unpack I just started cleaning. After about an hour we get a call, some Elder got in a car crash and totaled their car. Had to drop everything to go pick them up. Apartment is still a krusty girl rn.

Wednesday, we had to take those same elders up to basically Santa Monica for a dentist appointment since they don’t have a car. Met our super cool investigator Danielle! Also taught a Book of Mormon class, met some members.

Thursday Elder hanson forgot he had choir practice so we went up to the VC for that I just chilled and watched. After we had a really good ZLC. After went and ate with a super cool recent convert family. We were there a little too long.. told Elder Hanson. We are not going in till we find at least one member. Found the sister of a member and she is interested!

Friday we went back to the VC for MLC. It was good! That needed at three and we didn’t want to go all the way back to our church area because Elder Hanson was singing in the Spanish VC night. So while he was singing I was out greeting members and I saw and talked to members from all of the Spanish wards I have served in! Surprised that some members still remember me!

Saturday we had to do dumb car reports and some other things. Finally got out into our area to meet members. Knocked on a members door found this super cool guy from Nigeria when we asked him if he wanted to learn more he invited us in on the spot! We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ! What he believes in is exactly what we believe in! It was a super cool miracle.

Sunday we went to church I bore my testimony and then right after we had to go to two stake reports since our zone covers 2 stakes. That took forever. After. We went and ate with some super cool members! Then we went to the church to send stuff and when we came out. There was 3 raccoons. We chased them around the parking lot for like 15 mins then went home.

I know this is the true church! Read the Book of Mormon!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Week #61

This week was really good! A lot happened. The ambrocios were baptized, we had a thanksgiving dinner for the ward with white people food and we had the privilege to give a bunch of blessings!

Last Monday we did straight nothing. Just got music for my usb and watched face to face events.... it sucked. After p day ended we went and had a lesson with the Ambrocio family finishing up their lessons!

Tuesday we had to go to the Westwood building to give a training to the new missionaries. After it was over us and the Farsi elders (elder Kramer) went and got in n out! Man I miss Elder Kramer. After the lunch we came back to our area and worked for a little but then went back over to the Ambrocio to set up their baptismal interview! Then exchanged with the Adams ward elders

Wednesday I was with Elders Seipel and Frigetto! It was weird cause Elder Frigetto is going home this transfer, I like to think I am in the middle and Elder Seipel only has a month in the mission. It was a good exchange! Enjoyed helping these elders out! Elder Galli had a pretty stressful day he called me and said we needed to exchange early cause hermana Ambrocio needed to have her interview from President Haynies counselor.. plus on top of that we both had to give baptismal interviews. So we exchanged early went to one interview at 6 then to the others 7:30 then up to the visitor center for hermana Ambrocios at 8:30. Her interview went way late so we had to wait for the next day to do her daughters.

Thursday we had to wake up early for zone conference. It was good! Learned a lot and felt the spirit! After hermana Ambrocio told us she wasn’t feeling well so we went over and gave her a blessing, then came back an hour later with our district leader and gave Ximena her baptismal interview.

Friday was full of service. We had to get up early again. We went and served at a food bank that missionaries go to once a week. Friday was their annual turkey give away so there was a line Around the corner to get a turkey. We were wearing the yellow helping hands vests. We were on crowd control making sure the line was good and no one was cutting in. Felt like Ron Swanson and the people from parks and rec answering the stupid questions the people from the city had... literally some of the dumbest questions. Grateful I got to go serve there tho! Right after that we went right over to change a less actives tire and paint her house. She made us lunch it was gross. It was fun to do something different! After that we went and just talked with the familia Ambrocio

Saturday we went and gave a blessing to our baptismal date cause he wasn’t feeling well then went and gave another blessing to a less actives boyfriend who sliced open his foot at work. He showed me it. It was cool. After we went over and hermana Ambrocio still wasn’t feeling well. We just promised her that if she has faith she will feel ready for the next day. We told her to put all of her faith and trust in the lord because we were going to do it. Then we went over to the church for the ward thanksgiving dinner. It was good! It was actually white people food (not casseroles Elder Retamales ). I enjoyed myself. Got talking with some of the Hermana and turns out two of them took a couple of plates over the Ambrocio family since they couldn’t come because of sickness. S/O to hermana chicas and Soltero! This ward is freakin stellar

Sunday was crazy. We were running around preparing for the baptism. We didn’t go to class. Inocencia and Ximena were baptized tho! She told us she woke up with a lot less pain but she said her determination outweighed her pain! I got to baptize hermana Ambrocio! It was such a cool experience! They are both huge examples to me of truly trusting in the lord and in the gospel. I could see that they knew this would change their lives for the better. So grateful for their examples to me!

Love you all! Have a good week!

  1. Cool pic of DTLA I took.
2-3. The bros at Zone Conference
4-5. Pics. Of us and the Ambrocios at their baptism!
6-7 us serving at the turkey giveaway!


Monday, November 13, 2017

Week #60

This week was really good! I barely saw Elder galli cause all we did…
This week was really good! I barely saw Elder galli cause all we did pretty much was go on exchanges. I love them and getting to know other missionaries and how they do the greatest work on the earth!

Last Monday we went to the griddle with some sisters and elders Daniels and radtamales. After we went to the Greystone mansion some famous landmark in Beverly Hills. After p day ended we went and had an awesome lesson with the Ambrocio family. We met their oldest daughter and she said she would like for us to teach her!

Tuesday we had ZLC over Facebook just planning for this month. After we went and had a lesson with a part member family they are awesome they just need a swift kick in the shorts to get them going again. (<-Love doing that btw) then that night we exchanged with some elders in the zone and I was with Elder burns! Turns out he grew up in Riverton right next to the Gibbons family we know a lot of the same people!

Wednesday we had lunch with a semi active member and then we went out and worked hard! Felt bad for Elder burns he doesn’t speak Spanish... we didn’t have any lessons but we set a bunch of return appointments! Then that night we went on another exchange with the APs. I went with Elder Lopez

Thursday we had district meeting those are always awesome! Then we went and worked and found a bunch of amazing people in an area that we rarely work in. then we met with the Ambrocio family again. The are doing awesome and we taught their older daughter! It was a great lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Friday i was with Elder galli finally. We had a bunch of lessons that we taught and had to squeeze in weekly planning we went to a family home evening at the church it was good! Then we exchanged again!

Saturday I was with Elder Virgin! We worked in his area and we were on foot and bus! Man oh man the public transportation here is is fire. I love it. We walked a lot the. We ate with one of my favorite members the Vasquez family. Their dad let’s me roast their son all the time so it was good to see them again. They take good care of me! After we went and tried to teach someone that Elder Eldredge and I brought back. But she canceled at the last minute but she bought us pizza so she gave it to us and asked the member neighbors if we could eat it over there. Talked to this super cool young member that works for Red Bull. He told me to hit him up after I am home and he will see if he can hook me up working there lol. Then he gave us some Red Bull gear.

Sunday was off the chains. Members were bringing investigators left and right! We ended up having 5 people at church! We were only expecting 3! We couldn’t really enjoy church cause we were running around making sure everyone is ok. I enjoyed it. After church just went out and worked! The church is true!

Love you all! Have a good week

Pics from last p day

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Week #59

Shout out to the Dodgers for blowin in game 7.. everyone is super salty and no one wants to talk to us out on the streets. Way to go. It was a really good week tho! A lot happened and I had to wear a suit every single day this week it was horrible.

Last Monday we went to Venice beach and I saw dog town couldn’t go to it cause it was on the beach... one day I’ll actually go and watch people board there.

Tuesday we had MLC (day 1 in the suit) it was really good and Elder galli and I gave a training. That went about till 4 then we drove home and had to spend the rest of the day in our apartment cause of Halloween. So I baked my birthday cake and went to bed.

Wednesday we had interviews with President and Sister Haynie. (Day 2 in the suit) the interviews went well and it is always good to see the. Whole zone and catch up with them. After we went and had a lesson with the familia Ambrocio we just testified of the Book of Mormon and how this book could be a key part in their lives and growing close to Christ. They loved it and they are really wanting to be baptized. We exchanged that night and I was with Elder Hertz

Thursday we had district meeting (day 3 in the suit) it went really well our new district leaders are doing a great job! After we went and worked in his area! It was good. Overall a good exchange.

Friday we went to the other district meeting (day 4 in the suit) then we went to go weekly plan but it turned into us doing fool car reports that took till dinner. When we went to dinner the Hermana invited her neighbor over for dinner and so we just talked with him and he agreed to come eat with us again! After that we went and had a lesson with members that just barely moved into our area they are really cool and we found 2 more investigators. Then exchanged with Elder Retamales

Saturday got up got ready for the VC with the familia Ambrocio. (Day 5 in the suit) It took a lot of effort to get them up there and we almost got in a bad car accident and we were late for the tour at the VC but they got up there and they loved it we walked around the temple with them and told them this is the end goal and they got pretty excited after we came and worked in our area and found some greasy teenagers waiting to go into homecoming that wanted to hear more of our message! Then we went to a carne asada Elder quórum party it was awesome radtamales and played ping pong for a hot minute.

Sunday was church. (Day 6 in the suit) it was tough cause the Ambrocio didn’t come to church... we did however receive a text from Bubba Schrader saying he wanted a blessing from us cause he hasn’t been feeling too well! Didn’t even know he was in town! After church we met up with him and went to our church and I had the privilege of giving a blessing to one of my best friends dads out here! It was awesome! Very grateful I can be a priesthood holder and do I am grateful I now understand the importance of being a priesthood holder!

Have a good week! Also as you can see no me gusta wearing suits. It’s the worst.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Week #58

i swore in ditrict meetings this week
This week was one from Satan. It was also really really good tho! It’s been above 100 almost everyday. We were able to set 3 baptismal dates all with a family this week which is awesome I am really excited for them!

Monday we went to the La Brea tar pits. It was lame and super stinky. Then after p day we went and gave a member a blessing and found out he was the ward mission leader and he was just ready to help us with the work! He is a stud. His name is Luis Ambriz and he is about as LA as anyone can get.

Tuesday was hecka hot and we went to see this other member who is un poco crazy. We stood in her doorway for like an hour and a half.. she said she can’t decide between the Baptist church and the church of the elders.. we found her a bus route to the church and said we would love to see you there.

Wednesday we went up to the VC and had a meeting with the VC director about an all Spanish devotional on the 1st of December. It’s going to be off the chains. After we had a lesson with a less active family who was so close to going to the temple. We are going to be working with them a bunch. Then I celebrated my birthday with a family that always feeds us. After we exchanged and I went with Elder Maya.

Thursday we went to district meeting and then hit the pavement. We talked to some hobo that the only thing he could remember from our church was Lorenzo Snow and his big white beard. He gave us a referral for another hobo. It was a great exchange wit went really well!

Friday Elder Galli and I had hecka lessons. We first went to another districts district meeting and as I was explaining the form form we have to fill out if we get in a car accident I was saying “you have to rip off the pink sheet and give it to the other driver” instead of saying sheet I said shi* I’m the flipping worst. Everyone started to laugh. Guess I remembered my dads childhood story about a pink house lol. After district meeting We were running around trying to stay on time with our lesson! But we had an amazing member present lesson with the familia Ambrocio. It was great! They all easily accepted to be was a powerful lesson, and they are at a point in their lives where they are ready to make a change in their lives. We also exchanged again at like 9:45. I went with my freaking boi Elder Romriell

Saturday we started by playing basketball at a part with the other LA 4th elders and the Russian Elders. It was fun! We had a pretty busy day with working, helping a member move, eating pupusas and going to a party at the church. It was awesome. Elder Romriell is still the OG love him to death.

Sunday was we went to church and we had one of our meh investigators there that was good she really liked it! After we had a lesson with the dad of one of our investigators. It was really cool to see the change he made from the time he opened the door till we left. When he opened the door you could tell he was like no I’m catholic and you’re not going to change me. After we said a prayer and just started to talk with him about the restoration it really made him think and open up to us. It was really cool to see how by just testifying of simple truths can bring the spirit to change peoples hearts! Excited to go back and see what’s up!

Also keep preaching for the Dodgers! I think they are doing good! We are starting to see melted plastic trash cans on the streets!!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Week #56

This week was good! We had a ton of success! It was crazy cool! Plus something for the first time happened in my life!

Last Monday we just chilled and went to the UCLA sports museum and did temple service!we helped set up sound equipment in the temple workers conference room. This room legit could fit a football field in it. That how big the LA temple is... after p day Hermana garcia made some bomb tortas for us. It was the best.

Tuesday went on emergency exchanges with a district who hasn’t found an investigator in a while. We went with the district leader to try and figure it all out. We went and worked hard in his area. It was a great exchange tried to help them out the best we could!

Wednesday we had a ZLC planning for the next transfer. Talking about what we need to do to fix it and make it better! After we went and ate lunch with a member the. Went straight to have a lesson and get to know this less active that wants to return to church. She is awesome and she said her goal is for her husband to join the church! But for right now she said the cousin of her husband wants to learn! From there we went straight to another less actrices house and got to know here and talk with her! It was great! Then straight from there we went to recent converts house to finish up their new member lessons. It was a great day!

Thursday we had our final district meetings. It was good and sad. Then straight from there we went to el Segundo because Elder E had a doctors appointment. That ate up a good chunk of our day when we came back we went straight to dinner. Then we just worked around. The area.

Friday we got up went out and worked all day. We went to the church that night. As we were turning into the parking lot of the church a motorcyclist tried to pass us in the right side and smashed into the side of us! We got out he was unconscious. But he came to and then the ambulance police and of course members came to help and see what happened. It was so weird cause we had no idea what was going on when he hit us.. we hope everything is ok with him tho! Just call me Ash now!

Saturday we went and blitzed the Westwood areas (aka Beverly Hills and bel air) that was fun. I like working in those Areas cause you have to the mind set of I don’t give a crap. It was fun talking to people and we actually had some success! After the blitz we went to our wards día de hispanidad. It was cool. They got up there and danced on the stage. Then we ate. It was pretty fun,

Sunday we had church and after we had stake reports with president. And Sister Haynie along with president Rudd. After that we went to the baptism of Tobias. He is from Denmark here on vacation with his bros. He found the church in salt lake and came here and got taught and baptized! He leaves for Denmark today so it was super cool to be apart of that and help out at the baptism. That night we got the transfer email...... Elder Eldredge is leaving:(((( i am getting my first brown companion, Elder Galli from Peru. Don’t want to leave Elder Eldredge but I know this is by divine design and I need to be with Elder Galli.

Love you all! Have a great week!