Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Week #22

¡Con cuidado el estado de California está inundación!
This week has been a great one! Full of ups and downs, but that's what
I signed up for! California has been getting hammered with rain, so
our mission president told all the missionaries to be inside at sunset
because of flooding so we are inside, plus the zone leaders are still
living with us! So it's going to be a crazy fun night tonight!

First off Luz is the cutest little thing! She was volunteering at a
food bank where missionaries in the English ward serve and when she
saw them she stopped everything she was doing and went around the food
bank telling everyone that what we as missionaries do is the best
thing ever and everyone should listen. She is the greatest. She missed
her confirmation by minutes on Sunday! Ugh. Kind of a downer but she
said next week for sure!

Had the opportunity to talk to a drunk/high guy and we were talking
about what we do as missionaries then he stops looks at elder holyoak
and says "you, you look perfect!" Then he looked at me and goes "you,
you look like peanut brittle." Elder holyoak busted up and I did my
best to not laugh! The people here are the greatest! Plus he kept
telling me I'm Jesus Christ but I kept saying "no I'm elder Clark!"
Plus he was lighting it up right in front of us. What a man.

I have a testimony about this gospel. It's not to big, but gave us
ways and tools so we can strengthen our. Testimonies and our faith in
him! The biggest thing I have a testimony on right now is if we aren't
sure about something whatever it may be we can turn to the source of
all truth and ask our father in heaven of the things we are having a
hard time believing in. I have found many truths through prayer to my
father in heaven and I am so grateful for every opportunity I have to
kneel down, bow my head and talk with my father in heaven. I love him
very much now because I know he loves me.

Peace and blessings
Love you all

Elder Clark

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week #21

CLAM frat
This was the best week on the mission! We worked really hard with Luz because the adversary was working hard on her! A lo went wrong but we were able to remind her about the priesthood and I had the opportunity to give her a blessing in Spanish! She was able to feel good enough to go to her interview and then she was baptized on Sunday! Super humbling experience because I have been working hard for this! It was just awesome to look back at the first time I went over until today to see how much progress she has made! She is awesome! And the spirit was so strong at her baptism! Plus her family that we have been trying to teach came so hopefully she can be a little missionary and help us teach the rest of her Family!

Update the zone leaders are still living with us.. their apartment got fumigated this week and then they went back after the fumigation and THERE WAS STILL BED BUGS. so they are looking for a new apartment for them so it's gonna be a while. we just say we live in a frat now. It's fun but we are still being obedient. Don't worry.

On Saturday there was an elder that served here his name is Elder Kawamitsu. He is in meet the mormons 2 . He greeted me when I got off the plane. Super good elder from Japan. Turns out he is super famous in Japan he is in a family band called Blessed4. His family and him came and have been here for the week and they have been performing and sharing their testimonies it was super cool it's was a little rowdy so the zone leaders and us just said we were at a Japanese rave. We took a less active who was found by Elder Kawamitsu 

That's my week! Probably the funniest week on the mission and one of he weeks where we worked the hardest!

Have a good week! You are all in my prayers! 

Elder Clark 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Week #20

This week has been a weird one! We went to Spanish funeral we came late and 80 pairs of eyes looked right at us white missionaries walk in! I felt like an idiot but hey gotta fortify your investigators right?

Another thing, to explain the title the zone leaders apartment is getting fumigated for bed bugs and they have been living with us for a almost a week, we have stayed up late a couple of nights and oh boy those next days are rough. We are idiots. It's been a great time 

Luz is getting baptized this weekend!! It's going to be so awesome! She is ready to take this step and grow closer to Christ! I am excited for it! We'll see what my next email is like next week!

Sorry no funny story this least that I can remember. have become a boring human being.. sorry to disappoint:( 

Hope you all have a great week! Try this week to share the gospel with someone!!

Elder Clark 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week #19

This week was another great one! Not many funny things happen but we have been teaching a ton and had some really cool miracles!! 

First for the miracle elder Holyoak and I were walking down the street and some guy stopped us and said he is an alcoholic and he wants help! We said we can help with that! So that was the first with this man. Then the next day when we went over to see him we lost his address.... CRAP. I just said a quick prayer and asked which way we should go on this street. I immediacy got the thought to go left then my companion said let's go left! Inspired. So we started walking and we were walking for a while. I started to loose faith thinking we went the wrong way then I looked up and there he was sitting there! We were able to teach him right there! Two miracles with this man who I wanting to change! V humbling experience. V grateful for it. 

This week I think everyone got new coaches for Christmas so all of there old ones are out on the street. So I have been taking pictures of me sitting down or laying down on them. It is super gross but I think it's funny. Grinding while having fun! 

That's it from my week! I hope you all have a great week! 

Elder Clark 

Week #18

This week was another fun one!! We were able to see many miracles and have a ton of fun doing it! Plus on top of that I had the opportunity to FaceTime my parents! What a present that was! We also set a baptismal date with our brand new investigator Jose! Oh and we received transfer calls and I am staying with elder Holyoak in the same area! 

Jose is a referral from our zone leaders they just baptized his wife butjkse on,y speaks Spanish but he agreed to take the discussions in Spanish! He is a super cool guy and the whole family is awesome! 

Luz is still on track for baptism she will be cutting it close but she should make it. Yesterday (Christmas) we went over to her house to talk and she said she wanted to go up to the VC for a concert that, around 6 she texted us and asked where we were so we had to rush up to the VC!! That was a miracle because she brought some of her family. She is the cutest and she is already becoming a little missionary! I hope we get to teach the rest of her fam! 

Nothing really funny happened this week:( I'm just a boring human being now. Sorry. But my testimony has sure grown a lot this transfer along with my Spanish! Can't wait. To see where I will be at next transfer!

I hope you all had a merry Christmas! Enjoy the first of the year!

Peace and blessings 

Elder Clark