Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week #13

This Week was awesome! My new companion is elder Holyoak, he is from
Chicago super cool elder that wants to baptize everyone. He reminds me
a lot of my friend McKay Keech. He is super blonde has blue eyes, I
told him Hitler would love him and another elder told him if he stood
butt naked in a wheat field he would blend right in. He is the
greatest and he loves to work hard but have a fun time doing it which
is just what I need. This week we have been working super hard we had
a ton of lessons I think close to 20 but not a lot of solid
investigators.. That's alright though because the lord is seeing our

Nothing really to report this week:( sorry it was just a week of us
grinding with nothing really funny happening to us but For some reason
this week we have been seeing a lot of people just taking a break from
walking and peeing on a wall,trash cans whatever they just need to go.
Just when I think I have seen/heard it all this city still amazes me.

Since we don't have a lot of solid or prepared people that we are
teaching right now elder Holyoak and I are promising the lord that
every person we see we will talk to them hoeing that the lord will
bless our efforts and so we can find the elect and help them grow
closer to him. We are gonna try it out this week! So I will let you
know how it goes next week just please keep us in your prayers!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Week #12

I hope everyone had a good week! I had a pretty good week full of lessons and funny moments. This was the last week of the transfer. Elder Jensen is going to inglewood, I am staying and getting a new companion! His name is elder holyoak <--- I think that how you spell it.. Oh well looking forward to meeting and working with him this transfer!! 

So we have an investigator that got out of prison and he loves talking about being in there, and he told us about fishing. We had no idea so we asked him and it's how the prisoners communicate while they are in their cells he told us all you need is a bed sheet, staples and a toothpaste bottle. We asked him if he could show us and we can make it with him. We started calling it arts and crafts with him. All you do do is take the individual threads from the sheet tie them to the toothpaste bottle and then a chair leg and start spinning. It makes a strong cord. Then they just slide it to from cell to cell passing notes or things! It's a great skill to have. 

Sunday night some drunk guy stopped us by yelling the usual "hey Mormons!" So we went over he sat us down. We ended up talking to him for 2 hours. He wanted to argue but all we did was bare our testimonies. My companion kind of started to argue. I kept a level head through all of it. After we talked about it and my companion said the spirit was not there at all. I felt the same exact way I think because I didn't let  this mans words shake me. All I did was share what I knew was true. I think I had the spirit with me the whole time. It was cool to me and it showed me just how powerful my testimony is to me. I never realized that I had a testimony like this, that even when people try to tell me otherwise I can share my testimony and to me it only makes me realize what I say is true. I'm going to try harder to bare my testimony more frequently because that is how you make it stronger. I have a testimony that this church is true, the gospel and all of its teaching were restored in the fullest, that Joseph smith was prophet of God and that we have a living prophet today. I know that God knows us each individually and loves us. This is my testimony.
Love you all I want you guys to have a good week!

Elder Clark 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week #11

Another good week here in California! This week flew by. Still not
much success but we are working hard and doing our best. I guess the
Cubs won the series because all we could hear one night was "THE CUBS
WON THE CUBS WON!!!" That's all I know about sports rn and it is
eating me alive. Pero esta bien.

This week our ward mission leader took us to California pizza kitchen
when they got there it turned out to be their anniversary so we got to
celebrate with them! They have a cute little daughter named Belin she
is in first grade. I played with her and colored on the kids menu with
her. We were doing a crossword puzzle and she kept saying to me "use
your brain muscle head!!" I felt like I was with my dad back at home.
It was awesome

This week we have been really praying for tender mercies and that we
will be able to recognize them and be very thankful for them. One day
this last week we were walking and with literally ran into a women who
said "hey elders!" So I asked "how did you know we are elders?" She
told us she is a member but she is married to a Buddhist, and her
husband won't let her go to our church. She told us she wants to meet
with us at the church, and start coming back to church! We thanked the
lord so much for letting us cross paths with this women. That's not
even all we saw this week I could go on and on but I don't want to put
you guys to sleep. I am starting to see just how much this gospel
truly means to me. Everyday I learn something new or a part of my
testimony gets stronger. This gospel is truly amazing and it truly
does help and change people's lives for the better.

I hope you all have a good week!

Peace and blessings

Elder Clark

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week #10

This week has been really good! Went by super fast. We have been teaching more lessons but all of them but one aren't very solid. We are just hoping they realize the importance of this gospel. Heyo we set a baptismal date with a man named Juan Carlos! WOOHOO. We are excited for him and we are hoping to set it with his wife because she wasn't there.

Two things crazy happened to us we came up on a shooting at a play ground this week. Cops were everywhere so we just walked up to them to see what was going on they told us to get the H outta that area for our own safety. There was a little skip in our step walking back to the car. 
And then we were driving to Compton and the sheriff helicopter (the hawk is its nickname) was circling over us and someone in it was yelling something through a speakers so we rolled down the windows to listen and it was saying "everyone get inside lock your doors and windows there is a suspect trying to get into people's house right now. There was cops everywhere. It was chaos. It was an experience. 

I had the awesome opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Vega! And Elder Pearson! Elder Pearson is one of my zone leaders, he is from Tennessee and he gave me good tips on how to set goals. Elder Vega is fluent in Spanish, he is from Puerto Rico! He is an awesome guy and he really helped me with questioned I had about Nish.

Then since it was the 5th Sunday it was a missionary centered Sunday. I had to give a talk on Joseph smith and why we need to have a testimony of him. I Wasn't nervous at all. It made me realize that I actually know more Spanish then I thought. I only stumbled like 4 times when talking. So this week has been a good Spanish week and your prayers are really helping me. 

I have gained a strong strong testimony about being exactly obedient. On Wednesday my companion and I came out after the alarm went off and came onto the couches and fell back a asleep for another hour. I got one more hour of sleep but that day I was so tired and had no motivation. We had a lesson and it bombed because it was like our tongues were tied both of us could speak Spanish or English. The day just seemed to go on and on. I know now that it is so key to be exactly obedient. I was grateful for Wednesday because it really made me see the difference. 

Thanks for all your prayers I know the lord is hearing them and really helping me out!

Peace and Blessings 

Élder Clark