Monday, August 7, 2017

Week #46

Another great week down here in the CLAM! Not much happened. Like no really funny or crazy stories....but we had some really cool miracles! Plus I had fried chicken for lunch 3 days in a row. 

Tuesday we were at MIssion Leadership Council from 10-4:30. That was very long but I learned a whole bunch and it got me excited for August! We were finally able to see wenetta west that day!!she is doing good and it was great to catch up with her. 

Wednesday we got a text about a service project at some school they are remodeling so we helped paint and clean desks. It was cool because more than half of the zone was there helping out. Then after that we had probably the most amazing and spiritual lesson with the Westwood sisters investigator who is still having problems with the law of chastity. (<- after I thought we pounded that into his brain the first time) it was amazing! The best part was the spirit totally took me over and I just started talking and testifying. I don't remember what I said honestly I don't, but what I said changed him and he agreed to live it! So that was a pretty cool experience. 

Thursday we had district meetings they were great! The. After that we went directly back to the school to do this service project. After the elders from the district we are in went to get lunch and while at lunch this old guy pushing a shopping cart passed out and fire trucks and ambulances where everywhere then they took this old guy away to the hospital 

Saturday was exchanges with the APs I went with elder Pearson. He is one of the best missionaries here hands down. We had a great time together and laughed a lot but that was when we saw the most miracles. 

After that we exchanged back we'll actually this week I have been meeting with a struggling missionary who has been out on e mission 2 weeks. So we meet with him almost once a night. He is the cutest lil missionary. With the sweetest spirit. It was funny because his companion told me when he was struggling he asked him what he wanted to do and he said "meet with elder clark" I don't know why lol I am not very wise and I don't have much to offer but yeah hey I'll try to help him out! It has been some of the best hours of my mission sitting and talking with this elder. The spirit that is felt in our conversations is unreal. Whatever I am doing seems to be working too! He is getting better and better every time I am meeting with him! I know it's not because of me tho. It's because of the spirit that is helping him through this. I'm just here for support! The spirit is truly a marvelous thing. 

Again sorry no pics this week. I will try harder. Have a great week homies!


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