Saturday, August 5, 2017

Week #45

This has been a really really rewarding week! First off my new companion is off the chain lit. His name is Elder Eldredge. He is from Harriman Utah (<-my first Comp from Utah) and it's great! We get along so well and we know a lot of the same people! Funny thing is that i am training him on how to be a zone leader.. have you all ever seen that vine with the blind football player and he goes "anything is possible" then it shows him running around in circles like 15 yards behind the play. (Thanks Elder Retamales) That's how we both  feel. We have no freaking clue what's going on and we feel like we are barely staying afloat. Yet somehow the zone has been saying how we are their favorite zone leaders they have ever had on their missions. Must be doing something right somewhere I guess. 

Tuesday we had meetings and had to help new missionaries move into their apartments and take all of their crap to them so we just did a bunch of driving that day. It was good tho! Got to meet some of the brand new elders in the zone! We are so pumped to have them! We also went up to LA 4th ward and ate with the familia Flores! They are the best! That ward is my favorite!

Wednesday we had Zone Leadership Council. Just talked about what we want the zone to do and how we can be successful for this transfer. Then we went back to LA 4th and I got to interview one of their investigators in Spanish! Yes mom if you're wondering I am keeping up with the nish todavĂ­a

Thursday we had a get to know you activity before district meeting. We played a couple of get to know you games then we hade district meetings. They were super good! We also met with our investigator Tasha who was already a progressing investigator but was sent to us as a referral. She is so incredible funny! We committed her to pray daily. And when we extended it to her she said " pshhhh that's hella easy yes I'll do it"! It's like perfect! Sounds good! We are excited to keep working with her! 

Friday we finally found time to go shopping and go serve at the food bank! That was fun then we went to the VC to have a lesson with the Westwood 1 sisters. They want us to teach their investigator the law of chastity because he is our age and he doesn't feel comfortable talking about that kinda stuff with girls his age (<-retweet)
He didn't end up coming BUT he committed the next night! 

Saturday we played this game that we named the pride game to see who is more prideful. It was about 85 that day and we rolled up the windows and turned on the heat full blast. We did it to see who was more prideful and to see who would  wuss first. We played it pretty much all day and probs lost a couple of pounds in sweat. I lost tho:( I couldn't take it. We also  taught the Westwood sister investigator the law of chastity! The spirit was so strong in the room! I don't even remember what I said which made me realize I was speaking the words that God wanted me to say. It was a super great spiritual experience for all of us. 

Sunday went to church elder eldredge had to speak because he is new. Then we went to the VC again to watch a movie with Johnny and his investigator friend! It was amazing! He is going to be such a good missionary!!

That's it! Hope you all have a good week! Sorry no pics this week!

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