Monday, July 10, 2017

Week #42

This week was good! Full of exchanges and food! We ate so much this week and didn't have anytime in the morning to work out so your boy has a nice big barriga. That's aight set a goal to go ham this week in workouts. 
Happy 4th to everyone! So grateful and proud to be a USA boy. How grateful I am for our freedom. The 4th for me was just filled with food really just ate at different BBQs then we had to be in at 6 so we just hung out for the night. It sounded like a war zone outside tho.. the next morning the streets were trashed with firework boxes. 
So that day I went on an exchange with elder crafts. His Spanish is perfect and he came out with me. He is such a bro. We didn't have a car so we used the bus and our pies. We walked 11 miles that day... I had blisters and my legs were shaking at the end of the night. As we were waiting for the bus some guy comes out of a convenient store and said you good Christian brothers, can y'all buy me some food? We said yeah sure so he ran back into the store grabbed a 2 liter of soda a big bag of chips, like 5 snickers bars and some like brownies. We go hey easy does it buddy we will buy you 2 things. So he picked 2 things then as the cashier was scanning everything he tried to sneak a snickers bar into mix. I looked at him and then slid it back I tot the shelf. After he just grabbed the bag and ran out of the store. What a guy. 
The next day I went on exchanges with elder halverson. He is a good elder. We were suppose to have the car but his companion took the car keys so we were back to bus and our pies. We took the bus a lot more because I was not about to do that for a second day. Only like 6.5 miles that day so it's aight. 
The next day. I went with my boy elder retamales. He is such a G.  I hope I can be companions with him. We get along really well and we have already planned chilling after the mish. He is so cool. We had a car that day so thank the heavens. Funny story so I got a letter from sweet sweet sister Hannah Kartchner, and I wrote her back   I usually just see mailmen out on their routes so I give them the letters I write to her but for some reason this week I couldn't find one! Until I was with elder retamales. We were driving down pico blvd. When a mail truck starts driving next to us. I hold the letter up and try to get her attention. I finally do and she rolls her eyes and rolls down her window. So I scoot in a little closer and gave it to her!! Did all of this going 40 down pico. 
Saturday was something so incredibly cool. Johnny who lives in front of us who had been less active went and received his endowment in Saturday and we got to go! It was an amazing experience.  A bunch of things stuck out to me as well. So it was an all around awesome. After that we had a wilshire ward activity and we watched the prophet of the restoration movie. It was amazing! It strengthened my testimony on Jospeh smith. I know without a doubt Joseph smith was a prophet of God. We was chosen to restore the true church of Jesus Christ on the earth. Everything he did was to establish the kingdom of God on the earth. He sacrificed so much so that we could have so much joy and happiness that comes from this church. 

1-2. Zone P day activity that we did 
  1. The 4th of July and a member took us out to get something to eat. He is the best! 
  2. Aunt Jen was right. We mob around the streets on these bad boys haha

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