Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week #43

Man the weeks are flying by now... it was a super good week! Had a lot going on but we were also privileged to have a big miracle!

We try to teach at out Visitors center a ton so we spent a lot of time up there but we were only able to have 2 lessons up there. It wasn't a good week for that but there is next week! We had a big miracle that day tho. We get a call from a random number saying his name is Alex and he is a less active and he wants to come back to church and he will give us a call later that day. So we start working we try this referral names Alex, we knock on the door no one answers so we start to head back towards the car and as we do we hear "hey elders" it  was a young boy named Alex! And by young I mean 18. He came over and said yeah I called some elders today I want to come back to church we said oh wow.. this is weird we were actually looking for you! Crazy how gods timing is right 

Then the next day we went to the VC wit him and had an amazing lesson super powerful we are gonna start working with him 

Thursday we had Zone conference and elder Reynolds and I had to give a training. We had 0 time to prepare it. Then we find out we have to give it to half of the mission... we winged it pretty hard and everyone seemed to like it! even my boy P. Haynie. Learned a lot from the trainings one thing I really liked was a training about laying out weapons of rebellion down. Get rid of laziness, bad speaking, pride everything that could help you be "rebellious" before god. It was a great training and I definitely need to work on that. 

Saturday night some members from a different ward that elder Reynolds served in took us to Cheesecake Factory it was so good. Loved it. That was probs the highlight from this week.  Oh and the APs got to meet Blake griffin at one of the buildings down here. Freakin buckets. 

Also Thursday was 1 year since I left my home family and friends to start this adventure. I am so grateful God led me to make this decision to serve a mission for him. This is the best thing I have ever done in my life. Sure it is hard and I want to kill myself every morning when I hear that alarm go off at 6:30 but it's totally worth it. I have come to understand the great importance of this message and how it brings everlasting happiness. I am so humbled for everything that God has blessed me with and I am so grateful I can show him that I love him by doing this to help at least one of his children partake of the best message on the face of the earth. 

Love you all have a great week! 

1. Went to paramount studios last week and walked around where they make movies and all that.
  1. Mom dad we are going to the griddle. 
  2. Desayuno with the kawmistsus 

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