Monday, July 24, 2017

Week #44

Another week gone and another transfer gone. This blows, it's going by too fast! Had a super good week this week full of miracles and making johnny mad. 

We first met with a man named Harold who loves God he told us about 30 times while we met with him. He is referral and we set a baptismal date with him!! He was awesome and he is so ready to do this! He was excited. Just need to get that ol boy to church! 

Wednesday was good we went o lunch with a member from Downey where elder Reynolds served. This member gave me some sample cologne and I left it in his car.. completely forgotten about it, this member is not very happy with me rn... but I apologized and he didn't say anything back so whatevs. 

Thursday elder Reynolds and I went to district meeting and we conducted and gave a training. It was good it was like I was a district leader again. I also got a sweet sweet package from my family. They are the best. 

Thursday night is where it gets good. So the member boy who lives in front of us who is getting ready to go on a mission comes over and hangs with us every night. He is pretty immature, he took something of mine that I just got in the package from my parents and put it down my pants to be funny. I didn't find that too funny. So I grabbed him by the back of the neck made him wash what was down his pants then Took him to the toilet and put his head in the toilet. Just like I did to Elder Holyoak when I would get fed up with his crap, so I am pretty good at putting people's heads toilets. No jk I didn't really I took him to the toilet and he was screaming I'll do it the easy way!!! So he out his own head in the toilet. As he was washing his hair out in the bath tub my companion takes a wooden spoon and hits him in the butt with it. He freaked out and started to attack me, he was even trying to bite me. My companion said it looked like a legit fight. All I was trying to do was to get him to stop it! I did and then I asked johnny why are you so mad? Then he got his things left and didn't talk to us until Sunday.... we made up tho, but my companion and I made that rule that there will be no more idiotic stuff anymore.  

Saturday the LA stake celebrated Pioneer Day and all the missionaries got to go. This is there like one big stake activity so they go all out! There was a load of good food a machinable bull bouncy houses and a ton of people. It was good to see some 4th members. They all said they miss me and how tall I was. Great people. 

Sunday comes and we have to pass the sacrament, speak in sacrament meeting, teach gospel principals and I had to conduct the music In priesthood. I loved it! It's fun being so involved! It was sad because it's elder Reynolds last Sunday so the whole ward was just super sad he is leaving. That night we got to see where everyone is going for the next transfer and call the zone and tell them where they are goin. My new companion is elder Eldredge!! He went to Harriman high and we know the same people! I am super excited to serve with him! Bad/good news is I am training him on how to be a ZL... I barely think I know what to do. So we are both in for a ride. Hey I know if we put our trust in the lord and give it our very best. MIRACLES. Excited to learn and grow! 

1-6. Last p day we went and played frisbee and soccer at a park right across from the ocean!
  1. Get in there big girl 

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