Thursday, July 6, 2017

Week #40

This week flew by! Yet again another busy week! Plus this week we set two baptismal dates! So to say the least it's been an amazing week! Only bad thing is I'm starting to get tired... I need to keep moving or a just straight up pass out.

Tuesday we had Zone Leadership Council. It went long because we are planning like a zone conference for the ward with trainings and talks and everything it's going to be great and it will be soon! Came home and ate pupusas went and had a lesson with our less active members there went on exchanges with the Assistants to the President

Get this the senior companion for the AP's sleeps on a temper-pedic (probs not how you spell it don't judge. In Spanish you sound out the word and that's how you spell it) anyways that companion was with my companion so I got to sleep in the bed and boy was it glorious! That day we went hard and it was hot. Sweat was everywhere. Had some good convos. Got to talk to a lot of people in Spanish so it was great. I miss it.

Thursday we got a call to go give a blessing in the hospital to someone with with stage 4 cancer. It was all in Spanish and I loved every minute of it! Plus I got to bear my testimony to her about having faith through hard trials like this. I told her about my dad and how he had cancer and how faith got not only him but my entire family through this challenge we had to face!

The next day we had our first lesson with our<> referral named Zack. He is so so cool he is from Boston and he even worked for the Red Sox! We got along just great oh and he accepted to be baptized!! Let's goooo he  just said this all makes sense and he is willing to act on our invitations! What a man.

The next day we had another<> referral lesson. She is this sweet grandma. It was one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever been in. We taught the restoration again and from the time we said a prayer until we left she was crying because she loved the message so much! We could tell it just clicked with her. Almost as if we were reminds her about it not teaching her something new. She also accepted a baptismal date. So we are so pumped rn!! She was the cutest and she kept saying everyone has been lying to me and this is what was mission in my heart. Super excited to teach again and have a lesson with her at the Visitor Center!

Yesterday night we went to a fireside with our returning less active. Kirby Heborne was the speaker. He gave a super great talk and after we snagged a pic and I told him he was a looser and we came home!

This week during my personal study I don't plan anything, I say my prayer and then just let the spirit guide me. It has guided me to the scriptures, general conference talks, Jesus the Christ and my patriarchal blessing! How grateful I am to have the Holy Ghost active in my life! Helping me become the best person I can be! He is real, he is here to answer our questions, give us comfort and guide us along this journey through mortality!

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